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Running pants

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Running pants at Sport Conrad

Whether you like walking or trekking, you are a hobby walker or an ambitious runner or a professional athlete, the most important thing is that you wear comfortable clothing that doesn't ruin your training. In addition, your sportswear should offer you freedom of movement and breathability.

At Sport Conrad you will find a wide selection of different brands, equipment and accessories for running. In order to make your choice of running pants a little easier, we have put together a few tips for you.  

What should you look for when buying running pants?

When buying running pants, the first thing to look for is a comfortable fit. Running pants should never chafe or pinch at any point. Therefore, many pants are equipped with so-called flatlock seams, flat seams that do not rub anywhere.

Of course, running pants should not slip either. The cut must fit your body shape - running tights can be cut very differently. The waistband can also look different, for some, a wide, elastic waistband is most comfortable, others may prefer something to tie.

Of course, your pair of running tights must also fit the season, but since the perception of cold is very individual, we can only give a few tips here from our point of view. You can find more information below.

If you are a minimalist runner and only wear running pants and a shirt, a small zipper pocket on the pants will help - for example, you can stow a power bar, your keys or your cell phone.

On the other hand, those who plan long runs or run trails, may need more pockets, for example, on the sides of the thighs. Of course, a running belt or trail running vest can then also be used.

What else is important when it comes to running pants? It is best if the garment has reflectors sewn into it. This contributes to safety at dusk and in the dark. Bright colors are also helpful, so that you can be seen better.  

Short or long: Which running pants for which weather?

Long, thin tights made with stretch material are very versatile. These are adequate for colder temperatures in fall and spring, but can definitely be worn on warmer days as well. In the transitional months, ¾-tights that go above the knees are also practical.

However, when the thermometer clearly shows summer, then it's time for shorts. Running shorts can also come close-fitting, or be cut wider. What is important - especially in summer - is breathability. What does breathability mean? It means that sweat or moisture is absorbed, wicked to the outside and can evaporate there. This prevents heat buildup under the clothing and makes the skin feel more comfortable.

But as we said, every runner feels cold differently. That's why a pair of shorts, for example, can be sufficient even in cool temperatures if it is combined with a longsleeve and rather strenuous runs are on the schedule. And even if it's really cold, the shorts can still be worn under a pair of dense winter running pants for additional insulation.      

Finally, for the really cold winter days, there are the long thermal pants that keep you super warm. They are either made of softshell or have thermal linings. But they are really only recommended during very cold temperatures! Meanwhile, there are running pants that have a windproof, water-repellent and sometimes even insulating front. In the back of the knees, on the other hand, breathable materials are used. And if you go running in super cold and extreme weather, you can put an additional pair of thermal shorts with synthetic fiber filling over your tights for even better protection.  

What is the right fit for running pants?

Does it always have to be the super tight tights for running? No. However, tights have two advantages over wider-cut running pants: They fit like a second skin and guarantee you complete freedom of movement. And the tight fit wicks moisture away from your body and regulates your temperature.

In addition, there are compression pants that exert more pressure in certain areas to promote better blood circulation. Whether or not this really leads to better performance is up for debate. But compression can prevent injuries and promote muscle recovery.

If you don't feel like skin tight, then of course you can train with wider pants. But then, in fact, everything is already wide, which is not tight. The advantage here can be the wind permeability, which means that the clothing promises additional cooling. However, you have to be careful that the pants do not chafe anywhere or slip constantly. A disadvantage is that wider cut pants often do not regulate moisture as well as tights - which, however, is not absolutely necessary when the fabric doesn’t touch the skin.

A wide, size-adjustable waistband increases the wearing comfort of all pants. Zippers at the leg ends allow you to put the pants on and take them off easily as well as improve your temperature regulation.

All in all: the pants must fit well and feel comfy!  

What material are running pants made of?

Running pants are usually made of a high-performance blend of polyester and elastane. The polyester content provides water-repellent properties. The elastane part, on the other hand, gives the pants stretch properties, allowing them to adapt perfectly to your leg shape.

In addition, there are pants with weather protection function. They can be windproof - such as with the Gore Windstopper material - or have insulating properties, such as the thermal pants for your winter run. For summer, vents or mesh inserts can provide cooling and air exchange.  

How to wash your running pants properly

To make sure you can wear your running pants for as long as possible, here are a few tips for proper care:

- Always follow the care instructions on the label.

- Use a special mild detergent or sports detergent, normal washing powder can damage the fabric.

- Do not use fabric softener when washing, as this also destroys the fiber structure of the fabric.

- Do not wash the pants above 30 degrees.

- Wash clothes inside out, close all zippers and velcro closures.

- Do not spin too hard and do not load the drum too full.

- Most of the time you should not use a tumble dryer, functional clothing is very sensitive to heat (unless the care label says otherwise).

- Do not dry in direct sunlight.    

What else ist important when buying running pants?

Running pants can often be used not only for running, but do just as well for other sports - for example, yoga, fitness, biking, or other outdoor adventures. If you want to wear the pants for other athletic endeavors, make sure that the fit and functionality are right for all of your favorite activities.

As with most garments, there are models for women, men and children - these are cut differently to fit their respective anatomy. So make sure that the pants also fit you.

At Sport Conrad, you can find pants from a wide range of running brands, such as Adidas, Asics, Odlo or Salomon and many others. The choice is yours - and hopefully we've made your decision a little easier.