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More about bike jerseys

Where to look for when buying cycling jerseys?

The bike jersey category offers all kinds of fabrics and features due to the large number of different brands and purposes. No matter if you ride a mountain-, road- or gravel bike. Whether with or without an electric assist. The right cycling clothing is also just as important for the fun while riding.

Your mountain bikes weight is just about nine kilograms, while your road bike has 40 mm carbon rims for low wind resistance. But you're still riding with a flapping cotton shirt?

Yes, there is still plenty of room for improvement!

Cycling jerseys are not (only) there to fit aesthetically into the ensemble of rider and bike. They also offer significant benefits in cycling thanks to their optimized materials and properties. 

You're up to plan for a multi-day tour and you simply don't want to carry a lot of gear. Then make sure that the jerseys material fabrics are antibacterial and the functionality covers a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. This will save some weight and you will have enough space for the really important things... like a coffee cooker and cake. 

Which cycling jersey for which purpose?

The riding style defines the jersey! While uphill your own body weight determines your pace, the wind resistance builds up progressively with your speed on flat tracks. That's why a good fit is the most important thing on a road-, gravel or cross-country mountain bike next to lightweight textiles with high breath-ability and thermal regulation. In addition, the most technical and close-fitting cycling jerseys have a zip which prevents heat build-up in very warm temperatures on asphalt or during indoor training.

The days of leather crash caps and canvas bags are over! Modern cycling jerseys have transport bags and they want to be used. There are a variety of combinations: Minimalist jerseys with one pocket for the essentials or cargo versions with two or three pockets for energy bars, gels and a wind jackets.

Attention! For the sake of your health, even if the jersey pockets offer enough space for a pump and repair kit, do not put hard or sharp items inside that could injure you while a crash - this means also your smartphone! Better go for holders or toolboxes for tools or pumps, which can be mounted directly on the frame, for example under the bottle cage. The holder is already included in the shipping content of most bicycle pumps.

In the category of Full Suspension: Downhill, Enduro or trail bikes, jerseys with a loose cut have become established, regardless of the suspension travel. The reason for this is not purely stylistic, it is just the increased freedom of movement. This is particularly important for the combination of protectors on the upper body. Shoulder injuries are the most common type of injury while riding downhill, so there should be room for the use of protectors. Cycling jerseys from Fox, Vaude or Maloja already offer a specific cut which ensures a perfect fit.

Loose-fitting bike jerseys often do not have pockets, cause their contents are not really safe in rocky fields, drops and anything else that comes up. Unless you like to ride with saddlebags and prefer your trouser pockets empty and prefer to keep your trouser pockets empty, take a look to the hip bags or backpacks.

Short- or long sleeved bike jerseys?

It depends! Whether for rides in the spring, fresh temperatures in the morning or after-work trail rides after hot summer days, the right choice of the bike jersey is related to the temperature conditions and the type of riding style. The road bike long-sleeved bike jerseys are used in combination with insulating textiles, while long sleeved jerseys for downhill and enduro riding covers all protectors and pads with highly breathable and fast-drying materials for a clean look.

Short-sleeved bike jerseys are simply perfect for summer! If your tour starts a little earlier or leads through colder valleys, tight cycling jerseys can also be used with arm warmers which can be quickly put on and off while riding.

There are further differences in the functionality of the jerseys, regardless of the cut or the area of use. Have a look to the features. Basically there are: Windproof, insulating and quick-drying bike jerseys. Simply use the "Function" filter for a quick search.

When buying cycling jerseys, it's best to pay attention to the manufacturer's temperature specifications. And by checking the weather forecast nothing should hold you back from a good ride.  

Jerseys for men, women and children

In addition to sizing and gender labeling, there are one or two other features that need to be considered. Especially in the case of close-fitting cycling jerseys, there are differences in the cut and fit regardless of the men's or women's jerseys. Different cut variations are specified depending on the manufacturer. For example, from a tight-fitting Pro Fit with compression properties - to a comfortable Performance Fit. Therefore, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's size chart when buying cycling jerseys, in addition to the supposedly suitable size. Most sizes are indicated with chest, waist and hip circumference in centimetres and allow you to take the right size precisely. There are also many models without the classic stand-up collar. Especially in warm temperatures, these cycling jerseys are comfortable and give the layer a free feeling at the neck area. Apart from the design, children's jerseys do not have a gender-specific cut. If the colour palette of pink, rose or purple is not in vogue, this is not a problem when choosing the right cycling jersey for the youngsters. 

These are the brands of cycling jerseys you can buy at Sport Conrad

In the category for road bikes, gravel and xc-mountain bikes you can find
bike jersey form: Dotout, Odlo, Schöffel, Vaude, Castelli, Dynafit,
Scott, Ziener, Assos, CMP, Löffler, Gore Wear, Maloja.

In addition to casual and functional styles from Dakine and Norrøna
we have everything for downhill and enduro with an enlarged Fox range.
downhill and enduro.

We hope you find your perfect cycling jersey! Have fun browsing!

What do I have to consider when it comes to material and care?

Depending on the product type, cycling jerseys differ in their textile composition. For example, jerseys with a tight cut have a high proportion of elastane in addition to polyester or sometimes wool, in order to fit perfectly to the body without significant loss of freedom of movement. The used materials ultimately determine the temperature range, breathability or even the weight. Depending on the price range, you will find cycling jerseys with synthetic fibres, synthetic- and natural fibre mixes or even merino wool.
When cleaning and washing your cycling jerseys, keep an eye into the manufacturer's care instructions. Before you remove these small note labels after purchase, take a photo of them to be on the safe side. The general rule for prints and logos is: close the zip, turn inside out, watch the temperature and do not use a dryer! With these little guidelines you will enjoy your cycling jersey for a long time.

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