Marker GripWalk: What about the new Skiboot-Binding-System?

Skiing is about getting down the mountain with your skis. But sometimes it is unavoidable to walk over snow with your ski boots. But that can be quite slippery at times. With the Gripwalk ski boot binding system from Marker you get the grip you need.



What are Grip Walk touring soles?

You’ve heard about GripWalk technology before, but you can not really tell what it is? It`s easy: GripWalk are sole plates with an arched profile that provides a natural rolling and that makes it easier for you to walk with ski boots. Even icy snow passages you can master without slipping due to the ribbed high profile of the soles and the associated binding components. The GripWalk soles give you the necessary grip and skid resistance. Perfect power transmission and tripping are also among the advantages. Incidentally, they are attached with screws – at the front and back of the shoe. GripWalk soles are marked with a corresponding logo and the ISO standard 9523.


What are Grip Walk Bindings? 

As the name implies, special bindings are part of the GripWalk ski boot binding system, which fits perfectly with the GripWalk sole plates. This is easily recognizable by the GripWalk logo that you can find in the area of the sliding plate on the toe of the binding.




  • Perfect grip when walking thanks to a ribbed profile
  • Reliable hold
  • Natural running and rolling performance thanks to the ergonomic sole and rounded sole profile
  • Easy to use – entering and exiting the GripWalk binding is the same as before
  • ideal power transmission while skiing
  • The Gripwalk bindings do not require any special height adjustment – they work with Gripwalk soles (according to ISO 9523) or certain alpine soles (ISO 5355).


Gripwalk Binding-System: What is COMPATIBLE?

The Gripwalk technology is becoming more and more popular. For example, Völkl, Dalbello, Nordica, Head, Rossignol, Blizzard, Atomic, Look, Dynastar, Fischer, Head, Nordica, Tecnica, Lange, Salomon, FulTilt or K2 are now producing ski bindings and ski boots with the Marker GripWalk technology. You can easily recognize them thanks to the GripWalk logo.





If your ski boots already have the Gripwalk logo (you will find this on the front, on the toe area), the soles are already preassembled. Naturally, they also work with all GripWalk bindings. Alpine bindings that do not carry a logo do not fit together with the GripWalk soles. Ski boots with alpine soles (ISO 5355) must be used here. In addition, there are ski boots with the Gripwalk Option logo, which can be retrofitted with the Gripwalk sole of each brand.

The easiest is, to orient yourself by the logo to match your equipment.



  • Ski boots with alpine sole (adults) are usually also compatible with GripWalk bindings as long as they comply with the ISO standard 5355 or the ISO standard 9523 (but then only with additional GripWalk soles)
  • Touring ski boots are not compatible with GripWalk bindings
  • Traditional bindings are not compatible with GripWalk soles


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Fotos: Marker Dalbello Völkl International