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“Passion drives innovation”. This is the philosophy of the well known and popular manufacturer K2.

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K2 is committed to creating a more sustainable future for people and the planet. The company is moving with conscious discipline toward mindful product manufacturing and material selection, reducing impact on the climate, and promoting inclusivity and progress for all people.

The goal is to prioritize sustainability in all aspects of its business. In the future, K2 aims to produce the most durable product on the market, replace all materials with the most sustainable alternative, and create end-of-life uses for the product that are more sustainable than disposing of the product.

As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, K2 is characterized primarily by the following points:

• The company is committed to responsibility throughout its supply chain and follows responsible purchasing practices and production processes.

• K2 understands the impact of its business on the environment and works to reduce its own footprint.

• At least 65% of K2's total packaging is recyclable - target by 2025 to be 95% sustainable.

• K2 uses FSC certified wood.


The history of the North American sporting goods manufacturer K2 began in 1962 on Vashon Island, a small island next to Seattle. In 2003 the company was renamed K2 Sports and since then the brand has been based in Seattle. Today, the sporting goods manufacturer K2 Sports includes about 10 world-renowned brands such as K2 Ski, K2 Skates, or K2 Snowboarding. The alliance of these iconic sports brands constantly strives to bring people closer to the outdoors, promote sports, and strengthen sports culture.

Today, in addition to designing and manufacturing touring, freeride and alpine skis, K2 Sports is also known for snowboards, inline skates and Nordic ski equipment.


Behind the K2 Sports brand are experienced and innovative minds that are constantly developing new technologies and product ideas through their passion for sports and in close collaboration with professional athletes. The result is high-quality and first-class ski boots, snowboards and skates for every man. Anyone who likes to spend the winter in the mountains freeriding, ski touring or in the ski resort can not get around the products of K2 Ski.

The K2 touring and freeride skis guarantee one thing above all: performance, fun and reliability: Whether beginner or freeride pro, K2 skis offer the right models for all sporting demands through a wide range of boards with dynamic shapes.

The touring series Wayback and Talkback are not without reason among the most popular touring skis on the market. Due to their low weight, ascents over 2000 meters altitude are no problem and with the incorporated Titanal in the wood core, which is known from racing, the skis bring the downhill performance to be the perfect companion for your next ski tour. With the available center widths 80mm, 88mm, 96mm, and 106mm there is the right product for every ski touring type Translated with DeepL

Deep snow as far as the eye can see and the fun in the powder can really start. With the Mindbender series from K2 Sports you are perfectly equipped to start the freeride adventure. The goal in developing these skis was to push boundaries, rethink and redefine freeriding. It's about developing new construction methods for freeride skis and being inspired above all by the fun and joy of skiing. A new freeride experience that gives you that breathtaking feeling of freedom as you glide almost weightlessly over fresh powder. 

This is exactly what the sporting goods manufacturer has achieved with the Mindbender models. What makes these items stand out is the uncompromising downhill performance, the turning ability and the perfect balance of enough weight to have fun skiing even in less than ideal conditions.


Experience precise performance and maximum fun in the snow on fast-paced descents with K2's on-piste skis. With innovative technologies and the know-how of athletes around the world, K2 has developed skis that guarantee you unparalleled edge grip and smooth edge control on hard snow. Disruption is the one ski for all needs and skill levels. The manufacturer K2 Sports benefits in the development of its many years of experience in the industry and openness to new technology and materials to constantly improve the power and performance of the products.

The sporting goods manufacturer uses Bioflex Cores technology in the production of some women's ski models. Here, a wood core ensures maximum flex and turn characteristics. Another innovation is triaxial braiding. Developed by K2 Sports in 1988, this method is still considered the best way to bond fiberglass to a wood core. The brand's Twintech Sidewall construction gives all sidewall skis increased durability. With these skis, maximum fun on the slopes is guaranteed. 



Whether on the slopes, on asphalt or ice, products from K2 Sports are characterized by the fact that technologically is always working to improve them. In the snowboarding category you are guaranteed to find the right board for you. Allmountain snowboards for the slopes, freeride and freestyle boards in deep snow or snowpark and splitboards for adventurous tours through the mountains, with this company you do not go wrong with snowbards.

If you prefer to ride on rollers or skids, the skating category is made for you. With the development of soft boots, K2 Sports triggered a real inline skates boom in the 90s. Driving fun and safety, whether for leisure or as a professional, also promise you the Ice Skates for frozen lakes and ice rinks. Do a few laps on high-quality runners or wheels and convince yourself of the comfort of the soft boots. 


For every ski and snowboard you need suitable boots and shoes. Not to forget helmets and other protective equipment, so that the fun is not lost through injury. K2 Sports offers you the right accessories for every sport. Especially the alpine ski boots, as well as the freetouring ski boots of the brand combine energy, efficiency and engineering. With the ski boots of the K2 brand is even an individual adjustment of the shoe by the Fit Logix technology to your foot possible. The customizable Fit Logix foam in the ski boot also provides better power transmission and more comfort and warmth in the legs. But K2 Sports also offers avalanche equipment for amateur athletes and professional athletes . Therefore, BCA is also a part of K2 Sports, and equips its customers with avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel, avalanche probe and avalanche backpack. So you are always perfectly equipped and prepared for all eventualities. 


Whether in winter or in summer, the range of K2 Sports leaves nothing to be desired. With high-quality boots and shoes, innovative skis and snowboards and important accessories such as avalanche equipment, touring skins or helmets, nothing stands in the way of your winter adventure. If you prefer to skate on asphalt, the sporting goods manufacturer has developed just the right skates for you. Professionals and beginners, men, women and children - with the products of K2 Sports, everyone gets their money's worth. Convince yourself and find your new sporty companions now in the online store at Sport Conrad!

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