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More HIP & DRINK BELT facts

The hip bag is back! And not only in fashion, the hip bag is also great for outdoor and travel adventures. Because it is small, it is handy but still large enough to fit your keys, your phone and money, maybe some water, snacks, tools or even your jacket.  

Why a hip bag and not a backpack?

The hip bag – most of the times – is quite a bit smaller. Depending on how much you want to stove in there and take with you, you pick the volume. This can be less than one liter, or up to 6 liters. The backpack starts at around 2 liters but goes up to more than 80. And obviously you will not need that much storage space for a one-day tour!

Another advantage of the hip bag is the additional safety it gives you. And this is great when travelling, especially when you go to cities or regions with a higher theft rate. Because with a backpack, you will always have your valuables behind you. With a hip bag they are so much closer to your body and you could also carry it in the front easily. Plus put it underneath your shirt or jacket.

The hip bag: great to store your valuables, clothing and water

Be it your energy bar, a ham sandwich or isogel, you can put your snacks in there. And most hip bags also have key rings and other handy compartments. If you get a larger hip bag, you can even put your rain jacket in there!

Another very important aspect is the function as a drink belt. Many hip bags have special compartments for your water bottle. Very often, the right water bottle is already included. There are also drink belts that are especially isolated to keep your drinks warm in winter and cold in summer.

As of this, the hip bag or drink belt is perfect for all kinds of sports. Hiking, cross-country skiing, trail running, biking and so many more..

What else can your hip bag do

A good-to-have detail when it is dark out are the reflective details. Also, you can of course adjust the hip bag to fit you well. The back part is usually cushioned for more comfort and light-weight material and mesh are used to keep the weight down. The weight obviously also depends on the size: could be easy 90g or more than 250g.

Last but not least, there are also holster hip bags. These serve the same cause but have a strap around the shoulder as well. These can be worn underneath your shirt very well!

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