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Inspired by racing, ATK offers extremely lightweight and robust bindings that help you save strength for the ultimate downhill ride – “Proudly made in Italy”, from design to production.

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ATK Bindings at Sport Conrad

ATK Bindings represents not only bindings Made in Italy but also a green ethos and innovative sustainability thinking. Situated in the heart of the Motor Valley, ATK Bindings excels in distributing quality products with a conscientious spirit, and this is evident. It's no wonder that ATK Bindings enjoys international success and caters to both professionals and beginners with high-quality ski bindings.

Innovation Made in Italy: That´s ATK Bindings

Sustainability is at the core of ATK Bindings, as the family-owned company manufactures at its own facility in Italy and has placed a strong emphasis on environmental protection since its inception. For this reason, the company can also be labeled as a "Wir denken um" brand. But what does ATK Bindings do to be considered a sustainable brand?

• The company takes responsibility across the entire supply chain.
• The company promotes fair working conditions and operates its own production facility in Fiorano Modenese (Modena, Italy).
• ATK Bindings prioritizes environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production and recycles material waste.

A Sustainable Corporate Culture

ATK Bindings has exemplarily succeeded in blending the values and craftsmanship techniques of a traditional business with the most advanced industrial technologies. What started in 2006 in a small workshop has now become a successful company, whose name is synonymous with high-quality ski touring bindings.

The entire production process - from concept to finished product - is carried out entirely in Italy. The headquarters in Fiorano Modenese in Modena, Italy, not only promises local production and short supply chains but also high-quality items made in Italy. This allows ATK Bindings to ensure maximum standards in terms of quality, innovation, and design.

Today, ATK Bindings is one of the companies that has revolutionized the world of alpine skiing, contributing to raising the level of technical and recyclable materials and proving that products Made in Italy still offer significant added value. Since its inception, ATK has placed great emphasis on environmental protection and energy conservation.

A large portion of the binding components is manufactured using solar energy, while all wastewater from the production process is recycled in a closed loop system. Material waste such as aluminum shavings is recycled and can be reused.

Furthermore, the company has set the goal of producing entirely carbon-neutral. ATK Bindings aims to reduce its CO2 footprint by up to 70 percent by 2025. This not only makes the company a role model but also demonstrates that ATK Bindings is aware of its role in the fight against climate change.

For ATK, it´s all about perfection, power and precision!

The headquarters and production facility of ATK are located in Fiorano Modenese, in the heart of the famous Motor Valley. Here, innovations and mechanical products of the highest quality are designed, developed, manufactured, and exported to the world every day. The expertise and passion for high-quality products are the foundations upon which Giovanni Indulti founded the company in 2007. Thanks to the experience passed down from generation to generation and intensive teamwork, ATK has been able to take a leading position in the market in just a few years.


A deep passion for their products forms the foundation of ATK Bindings. This passion is infused into the production process to achieve the desired goal: excellence. With their low weight, high quality, and functionality, ATK bindings have immediately been able to unleash their potential and position themselves as absolute performance products.


To continuously develop innovative products, ATK places great emphasis on technological research. This extends from production processes to new patented systems. The reliability, precision, and low weight of their products are not coincidental but result from the use of metal components crafted from a single piece (CNC).


ATK Bindings impresses not only with the high quality of their bindings but also with their successes. Within the first two years, Manfred Reichegger and Denis Bround became Ski Mountaineering World Champions using their ATK Race ski touring bindings. These celebrated achievements speak to the outstanding quality of ATK Bindings' bindings.

ATK Bindings offers more than just bindings

While ATK Bindings is primarily known for its ski touring bindings, the company offers much more. In addition to the well-known bindings, the brand's repertoire includes crampons, freeride spacers, ski poles, t-shirts, headbands, and heel plates. Even with this variety of products, fans of ATK can rely on the usual quality of the brand.


If you're still searching for the right bindings for your ski adventure, you'll definitely find what you're looking for at ATK Bindings. The high quality combined with appealing designs convinces across the board. If you're in need of additional equipment, Sport Conrad is also the right partner for you when it comes to skis, functional clothing, and more. Explore our online shop and discover the products that fit your needs perfectly.

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