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Running Shorts

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No matter what time of year you choose to run, one thing is certain: running tights are a must.
Whether you prefer short running tights for hot summer days, long tights for winter, or even ¾ tights in between seasons, it all depends on how comfortable and cold you feel. The key factors to look out for are freedom of movement, comfort and breathability. These three aspects guarantee that you can enjoy your sport.
And at Sport Conrad we have a wide range of brands that offer something for every runner. Below we explain what you should look out for when buying your new running shorts.

What features should my running shorts have? 

 It's impossible to say exactly what running shorts should look like, as everyone has different needs and requirements. However, you need to consider the type of activity you are doing, whether it is running a marathon, running a smooth trail or going to the gym.

Storage system

Where do I put my mobile phone? I hope I don't lose my keys. Where to put the gels?  Many runners ask themselves this question. And there are several answers:   Pockets: If you don't want to carry your phone on your arm or in your hand, choose running shorts with pockets. These come in both inner and outer versions.  Gel/bottle compartment: Dynafit offers you the possibility to store your gels and water bottles safely and within easy reach; they are usually located at the back on the side. There is also a zipped pocket in between.  Mesh storage system: Most people will ask what a mesh storage system is. The answer is quite simple. A storage net sewn into the waistband. No more searching. Salomon S/LAB offers a 360° version of this system. Adidas Terrex offers it on the left and right with a zip pocket on the back.

Fit / Feature

Who hasn't been there? During a run, your thighs start to chafe and you have to stop running because every step you take makes it more painful. This happens when you're not wearing the right tights.


That's why most manufacturers offer running tights with integrated inner tights.

The advantage is a 2-in-1 function, no more wasted space in your wardrobe, the right fit for everyone and, as a side effect, it looks stylish.

Functional underwear can also be used as an alternative.


An important part of the running trousers and for the runner. They give the runner added safety at dusk and especially in the dark.

Areas of use

Tights can be used everywhere. But which tights should we use for which sport?

The answer is to choose the tights that make you feel comfortable. But we can give you a general idea. For running / trail running, it's a good idea to choose shorts with integrated inner tights so you don't rub your thighs. For leisure, you can go for something a little looser. A pair of cotton running shorts will be just the thing, as they are comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Still looking for fitness shorts? Here you'll find a pair that gives you the freedom of movement you want, but also the comfort you need when you're at home. Take a look around our website and find the right running shorts for you.Functions: what should running shorts be able to do?

When you buy something, you ask yourself: what do I want it to do, what is important to me? And when it comes to running shorts, it's all about those things.

• Quick drying

• Moisture regulating

• Breathable

When it comes to running shorts, there are no special features for men or women. The difference is simply in the fit. You can usually tell them by their thighs or waist. Running shorts are usually made from polyester or polyamide.  To get the most out of your new running companion, take care of it like you would your own family. That means lovingly .... and, of course, following the manufacturer's washing instructions.


So far, so good. Now that we've gone through all the theory, the burning question for all of us is.

How do I find the right running tights?

The right running shorts should meet the following criteria:

• Look for functional fibres such as polyester and polyamide, which are lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. This wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable while you run.

• Make sure your tights fit snugly and feel like a second skin, so you can move freely and feel comfortable. If your tights have an elastic waistband, make sure it has a drawstring so that you can tighten it if necessary to prevent it from slipping and rubbing your thighs.

• And to make the running shorts complete, we need a few more features. The mobile phone pocket and the zip pocket for your house key are ideal for runners who are just starting out and doing short laps. For ambitious runners who prefer to run without a vest, the mesh storage system with extra pocket or the gel/bottle pocket with extra pocket are ideal. Finally, the most important thing. Whether you are a beginner or an ambitious runner. Reflective elements are a must for running shorts. This means you can run safely in the dark and be seen in time.


In the running, trail running and fitness section you will find manufacturers such as Adidas Terrex, Asics, Athletica, Brooks, CEP, Dynafit, Kari Traa, La Sportiva, Maloja, New Balance, ON, Salomon, Scott, Under Armour and Vaude.