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The young, Swedish company POC has managed, in a very short time span, to really make a name for itself as one of the leading manufacturers for helmets, goggles, clothing, and protectors.

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POC cooperates with specialists in such fields like sports medicine and neurology, as well as with Volvo Car Group experts in order to keep optimizing the safety technique of helmets and protectors. Many famous athletes from such various disciplines like skiing, freeride, MTB and road biking rely on POC´s safety features. Among these athletes are Julia Mancuso, Jeremy Jones, Danny MacAskill, and Martin Söderström. The UCI Pro Team Cannondale Pro Cycling is also equipped by the Swedish brand. Due to the unique designs and the high safety standards, POC has won multiple international design and engineering awards.

POC has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and was founded in 2005. It soon morphed into a renowned brand. No doubt, POC´s employees are totally committed. The company´s aim is to combine contemporary designs with the highest safety standards and latest technologies. POC´s main goal is to equip athletes with the best possible safety. This goal is reached through various products guaranteeing a unique level of protection. Among these products are impact-resistant bike helmets, ski helmets, or snowboard helmets. You can also find protectors for all three aforementioned realms.

In order to keep its promise of superb safety, POC created POC Lab, which functions as the company´s research center. Here, experts from various disciplines meet, work together, and develop new technologies for the brand. This concept has proven to be a true recipe for success. POC selects the researchers by applying strict criteria and cooperates with them to reduce and soften sports-caused injuries and to save lives. This is a mission which should be supported dearly!

Also, POC relies on the experience of its team. This team consists of X-Games, Olympic, and World Cup athletes who regularly test and use the gear. In return, they leave POC some precious feedback. These processes are responsible for POC collections becoming better and better, more contemporary, and safer. After all, you can´t afford any standstill in the realm of safety.

Especially in cycling, every second counts. Much can be achieved by conducting some aerodynamic adjustments. This is why there is POC´s WattsLab, which engages in aerodynamics and design. This lab exists in order to stay up-to-date in these areas and to get the athletes and you a couple of seconds quicker to the finish line. As a matter of fact, every single second can make a difference.


In-Mold: Helmets, which are produced after the in-mold concept, are especially lightweight. However, they provide less protection in the case of a fall due to their very thin shell. Yet, an additional Aramid layer increases the level of protection significantly.

Aramid Bridges: The so-called Aramid bridges reach from the helmet´s middle to its edges. This construction is especially safe because the forces, in the case of an impact, scatter across the entire helmet. Also, the result of this construction is a lightweight and well-ventilated helmet.

Progressive Core: A helmet equipped with Pro Core is made of two different layers: a rather stiff outer shell and a softer interior. Due to the outer shell, the helmet becomes extremely durable and robust. The interior layer provides protection in the case of a light impact. This two-layer-system is especially used in bike helmets.

Some systems are used in bike and ski helmets respectively, like, for example, the VDSAP (Ventilated Double Shell Anti-Penetration) system, Aramid bridges, Multi-Impact Performance, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), and in-mold helmets. These helmets and systems all harbor various advantages and are especially adapted to their area of use. Bike helmets, for example, need a different ventilation system and a different fit than ski helmets.


More than 30 awards, which POC has received for its high standards, the commitment toward safety, and the company´s clear vision, show that POC is one of the leading brands internationally to craft safe apparel. Among the many areas, that POC´s product range covers, are helmets, goggles, and protectors for skiing, snowboarding and for biking. Yet, you can also find bike clothing and trekking- and camping-accessories.

Do you always want to put on you’re A-game, just like POC? Is your personal safety one of your main concerns whenever you are on a trip, the slopes, or ride your bike? If the answer is yes, look no further! POC has all your equipment needs covered when it comes to your favorite hobbies.