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Tecnica was born in 1960 in a small workshop for work boots and over the years has become one of the biggest brands in outdoor and ski boots. As part of the Tecnica Group, the brand is committed to being more sustainable and is committed to the environment and a healthier planet - for example, with the industry's first recycling campaign for ski boots, "Tecnica Recycle your Boots".


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Why is Tecnica a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

As part of the Tecnica Group, the brand is committed to being more sustainable and is committed to the environment and a healthier planet. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Tecnica is characterized mainly by the following points:  

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain.

- The company promotes fair working conditions.

- Tecnica and the Tecnica Group seek to minimize their impact on ecosystems as much as possible - especially through their own waste management.    

Performance, safety and sustainability

One of the cornerstones of the brand and the Group has always been: 100% quality - to which every operational and design decision is always geared, and which translates into product performance and safety. The Tecnica Group takes a holistic approach to sustainability and is guided by selected goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The company itself says: "We are committed to guaranteeing a long service life and high functionality for our high-quality products." The "Recycle Your Boots" project launched in 2021, the industry's first recycling program for ski boots, also pays tribute to this. Ski boots of all brands are taken back with the aim of reducing waste volumes and CO2 emissions. Carefully designed disassembly and transformation processes recover second-generation materials - recyclates - that can be reused in industrial production. In addition, the Tecnica Group focuses on training and raising awareness among its own employees and people from the surrounding community in order to promote responsible action and drive improvements.


Tecnica first gained some notoriety outside of Italy in 1970, when the moon boots were introduced into the market. Modeled after the Apollo astronauts´ success and the moon landing, these voluminous winter boots, with their flamboyantly colorful appearance, became an instant success. They quickly made a name for themselves that went way beyond the après-ski circus and, for the very first time, introduced Tecnica to a much bigger audience.

At the same time, success also started to kick in on-piste. Due to the 70´s Tecnus and the 80´s TNT ski boot, the brand quickly found itself among the top dogs in the realm of ski boot manufacturers. The Tecnus was the first double-foamed ski boot made of synthetic material. Floating on a wave of success, the product range is being extended and, additionally, Tecnica incorporates outdoor shoes in its program. After a number of mergers, in 1998 Tecnica Group consists of such renowned brands like Tecnica, Blizzard, Moon Boot, Lowa, Nordica, Dolomite, and Rollerblade. By buying out all of these competitors, additional mountaineering experience in terms of outdoor shoes went into the company. In 2017, Tecnica is one of the leading outdoor shoe manufacturers in such realms like trail running, hiking, trekking, winter shoes, and, first and foremost, ski boots.

So much know-how and experience gathered in only one company, of course, creates a plethora of innovations. HotForm and Rapid Access are only two of many ski boot innovations which Tecnica was able to pull-off in the last years. The company was rewarded with prizes and awards such as the renowned ISPO award. However, the biggest reward for a sports good producer is, of course, success in competitions. With Tecnica, this is especially true in alpine skiing. Just like Mario Matt, who was able to win an Olympic gold medal in Sotschi in 2014 riding Tecnica´s ski boots.


One of Tecnica´s latest milestones is the Cochise ski boot series. Over the course of the last years, features like Power Light Design, Mobility Cuff, Lift Lock Buckles, Low Tech Insert, C.A.S. shell and liner have come to dominate the level in the realm of alpine ski boots. Part of this are features like an exceptionally thin and stiff shell, a great ease of use, and tech-inserts for touring ski bindings. Altogether, all these features make the Cochise a top-notch freeride boot.

Just like it should be with a ski boot specialist, the Cochise is available in all ways, shapes, and forms which are tailored to the exact male and female needs. This also mirrors in the scale of the flex, which is the decisive feature in ski boots. After all, the flex indicates the ski boot´s stifness and is thus responsible for the model´s characteristics. Concerning men, the flex ranges from 100 to 130 in steps of 10. The more lightweight women´s line starts at flex 75 and reaches a maximum flex of 105.

The Cochise is to the freerider what the Tecnica Mach 1 is to the alpine skier. Here, however, the line for alpine skiers is even broader. Alongside a broad flex range from 130 all the way down to 85, differing volumes are also on offer. A MV (Medium Volume) and LV version (Low Volume) with respective, differing lasts enable an optimal fit for every member of the bulk of alpine skiers.