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Skioveralls at Sport Conrad

To ensure that you areadequately protected from wind and weather on a trip to the slopes, the ski outfit must be chosen appropriately. To avoid snow penetration or slipping of pants or jacket, one-piece ski suits are ideal. Optimal protection, whether you are skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing - you can find the right ski suit here!

What you should consider before buying your ski suit

Finding the right ski overall is not always easy. To ensure that the ski suit fulfills all your requirements, you should consider a few things before buying.

Fit and equipment

The right fit and features - with their helpful functions - should be chosen to suit the individual. A practical foot loop on the trouser leg, for example, prevents annoying slipping or riding up. Individually adjustable hoods and cuffs at the hips also ensure a secure and comfortable feeling on the slopes. To ensure that valuables and the ski pass, for which an extra ski pass pocket on the sleeve is suitable, are also protected from snow and moisture, the pockets attached to the ski suit should be equipped with waterproof zippers.


To provide optimal protection in all weather conditions, the ski suit should be 100% windproof and waterproof. But there should also be good breathability. This is ensured by the right choice of Fabrics and appropriate processing.

The selected outer material prevents unpleasant penetration of snow, water and wind. The use of a water-repellent impregnation is recommended here, which should ideally be PFC-free. A membrane is also recommended as a Fabric, which ensures waterproof breathability. To be sufficiently equipped against the cold on the slopes, polyester is usually used as the inner lining.

To the onion principle when dressing is also advised despite the right choice of Fabrics and processing. Several different layers are worn on top of each other. You should start with high-quality ski underwear, which reliably wicks away sweat and moisture. As the next layer you can use a thin jacket or a sweater with a loose cut. This intermediate layer also helps you to wick away moisture and also stores the necessary heat to prevent the body from cooling down. Finally, the third layer is the ski suit. With this wearing principle, the best possible protection in any weather condition without cooling down can be enabled.

The perfect choice for kids

When choosing a ski overall for children, the most important thing is functionality. For children, quick donning and doffing of the suit is an advantage. Ski onesies with an integrated hood are also a big plus. This can prevent the cap from slipping or getting lost, for example. In addition to the choice of color, the use of reflective features on the ski suit is also beneficial for the safety of the child. Reflectors on children's clothing, ensure that the child is visible even in the dark or in crowds, whether on the slopes or even in everyday life.

The proper care of the ski suit

In order for a ski suit to remain in use for a long time without losing its important features and functions, some points should be taken into account when caring for it. When washing the suit, it is recommended to use a detergent for functional underwear. The temperature should be at a maximum of 40 degrees. Drying in the dryer is only recommended if the manufacturer of the ski suit advertises it. Information on the recommended drying process can be found, for example, in the care instructions in the ski suit. An additional impregnation is also helpful. This ensures that moisture and snow are permanently repelled and nothing stands in the way of a trip to the snow.

Perfectly equipped for the next trip to the slopes with Sport Conrad

We at Sport Conrad have the claim to always provide you and your children with high quality. That's why we offer you ski suits from experienced brands like Didriksons, Isbjörn, Patagonia and Picture. So that the little ones also shine on the slopes, we have a large assortment with different colors and models on offer. Find your suitable model, from your favorite brand, in your desired color easily in our online store!