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More about race skis incl. bindings

For all speed junkies and high-pace addicts: welcome to the world of race skis. This is the right place for everybody who can´t get enough of adrenaline and chase that next competitive victory. We got ´em all: Rossignol´s Hero Athlete line, Fischer´s World Cup models and the Völkl Racetiger series – nobody´s gonna stop you from reaching the podium.

Watery, rock-hard-salted slopes and racing? Do you enjoy skiing or are you an active member of a ski-club? No matter whether you are a professional or amateur skier, you will find everything you need for maximum performance and best times in the Race Ski incl. Binding category in our online shop.

From extremely manoeuvrable slalom skis to high-speed downhill slats or true-to-track skis for giant slalom runs, with manufacturers such as: Head, Atomic, Völkl, Fischer, Nordica and Rossignol, we offer you a versatile range of World Cup proven racing Fabrics. Attention! All skis listed here are supplied with bindings.

What for slalom and what for? Are you simply looking for “carving skis” and love to cruise comfortably on the slopes? Then take a look at the category Allmountain skis incl. bindings, there you will find everything for extended days on the slopes and occasional deep snow adventures. Skis in this category are much more forgiving and easy to ski …

Still here? Has the run been set far too tight again, or are the strokes once again so hard that your thighs almost burst? No problem, with this category guide to race skis incl. bindings we'll provide you with all the features you need to know about cuts, radiuses, the advantages of anti-vibration technologies or shovels that look like they've been jig sawed.

Ou're already up to speed or want to dive even deeper? We can help you hone your skills, just have a quick a look at out our blog posts.

Everything about radius, cut and co.

Before we head into the race skis and the corresponding areas of use, we will first take a brief look at the special features of the construction of race skis. Whether for giant slalom skis or shorter slalom machines, the specifications of waist and radius can be found in every detailed description and significantly describe the ski's handling characteristics.

While for slalom skis the cut is important for the turning ability, torsional and bending stiffness play a major role for giant slalom skis. The shape of the ski is determined by the cut or the proportion of the ski. The maximum width of the ends and shovels and the minimum width (centre width) under the mounting area of the binding serve as measuring points.

The degree of cut directly influences the radius and has an enormous effect on the ski's performance. In combination with the camber construction, results in better advantages in turn initiation, turn handling or smoothness on race skis. The radius indicates how open or narrow the skis are able to turn. It is calculated from the ski length and the waist. The smaller the radius, the tighter the turns can be made.

In terms of rocker types or camber, there are only two types of construction in the race ski category: Tip rocker and full camber. Simply explained, the rocker type describes the pressure and bending behaviour under load. Classic full-camber designs distribute the pressure over the entire surface of the ski. The force is thus also transmitted directly and consistently to the edges in turns. Tip-rocker designs are similar to full-camber skis except for the beak behaviour in the shovel area. The sensitive edge on the shovel is relieved more under load and has a more tolerant effect on mistakes.

Race skis according to FIS standard?

If you take part in competitions that are subject to the FIS regulations on the selection of materials, you should make sure when buying race skis that they are permitted. All skis in our range which have a race binding plate and are accordingly marked with the label “Confirm to FIS specifications” comply with the mentioned regulations.

Slalom Skis (SL)

"You spin me right 'round baby … right 'round" – skis for slalom use are real powerhouses. They reduce curve gradients to a minimum, no matter how steep the slope is, and allow precise changes of direction in a matter of seconds.

These characteristics are made possible by strong cuts, a balanced breeze of stiffness and low swing masses at the ends of the skis. Keyword swing masses, in case you are wondering why there is a lack of material – yes, and not so little – this reduction leads to a low weight and faster turn characteristics. Result: more dynamics in the swing initiation.

The lower the mass, the higher the frequency at which a ski vibrates. Therefore, in combination with anti-vibration modules, a kind of heavy mass is created which ensures that the vibrations are compensated. Völkl and Atomic, among others, use this technology in a variety of ski categories.

Slalom skis are skied slightly shorter. Here, the choice of length is made according to skiing ability up to the tip of the nose or up to the chin and, with regard to competitions, the minimum, and maximum lengths regulations.

Giant Slalom Skis (GS)

Speeds beyond the level of inner-city speed tables, waves and jumps reminding you of Ski Cross? This is where skis in the giant slalom category feel at home! With radii from 15 metres and almost dead-straight waists, they offer control at top speed and run-out gate areas. 

Giant slalom skis bring more weight due to their bending and torsional stiffness as well as length. This has a positive effect on the stability at high speeds and hard impacts and the frequency behaviour also benefits.

As with slalom skis, anti-vibration technologies are used here to take away a certain nervousness from the skis. Giant slalom skis show their advantages especially in large curve radiuses. They are extremely smooth and controlled, even at high speeds. The choice of ski length here corresponds to the body size and, with regard to competitions, to the minimum and maximum lengths regulations. 

Everything about alpine and race skis

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