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Nordica´s drive is that of providing nothing but the best performance and the highest kind of quality in the realms of freeride and alpine skiing.

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The goal of each and every initiated project is to reach a better performance and to perfectly adapt to the skier, in order to further improve everybody´s skiing level. Performance ranks at number one, two, and three for everything Nordica crafts and develops. The brand´s 60+-year experience and the multitude of high-quality innovations speak for themselves. Performance, innovation, and passion for skiing are integral parts of Nordica´s DNA.


Nordica´s ski range includes all realms of alpine skiing. In the category of on-piste skis, the Nordica Dobermann has become a major player in the last few years. No matter if giant slalom, slalom, or downhill, thanks to many elaborate innovations with various radii, the Nordica Dobermann always gives you a decisive edge. World Cup stars like Felix Neureuther and Dominik Paris ride these skis and rely on them in their hunt for medals and podium entries. Their experiences and feedback are important aspects of the development of the brand´s skis and, thus, are crucial components of the performance of Nordica skis. Of course, the same goes for the Dobermann ski boot. For many years, this ski boot has been the congenial companion to the Dobermann race ski and convinces the most successful World Cup athletes and spare time skiers alike.

Just like it should be with a true alpine sports specialist, the entire product range exists of a three-channeled approach. Alongside the men´s gear, there are also specially crafted women´s and kids´ products.

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Concerning the realms of all mountain skis and freeride skis, Nordica has developed the Enforcer. With a contemporary width of 93-110mm under the binding, the multiply awarded freeride ski is perfectly suited for deep powder adventures off-track. Thanks to its lightweight design, however, it can also be effortlessly used as a contemporary touring ski.


Originally, Nordica was nothing but a shoe manufacturer. In the post-World-War-II-era, though, the brothers Adriano and Oddone Vaccari quickly started to specialize in ski boots in Montebelluna, Italy. Nordica was born and experienced its first hype in the 1950s. Zeno Colò, one of the most successful skiers of his time, won a gold medal in Aspen, Colorado, riding Nordica ski boots. In the 1970s at the very latest, Nordica achieved the status of global player in the realm of alpine skiing. With two million pairs of skis and boots annually, 30 % of worldwide production was conducted by Nordica at the time. During this time, the brand opened one store after another in all key ski markets worldwide: the US, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, France, and Germany.

Since 2003, Nordica has been a Tecnica Group member. The focus is supposed to remain on the sector of alpine skiing, predominantly skis and ski boots. Ever since, a special emphasis has been put on competitions in general, and the World Cup in particular. In 2009, Nordica celebrated its 70th anniversary.

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