Are you looking for a ski label which has tradition and success written all over it? Yet, you are not willing to do without nifty innovations? Well, you can stop searching because you´ve just found all of this in Blizzard. 

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20th century: from the joinery to the top of the ski world

Without a doubt, you can consider Blizzard, which was founded in 1945 in Mittersill, Austria, by the severely wounded war returnee Anton Arnsteiner, as one of the most successful ski brands of the last decades. Today, still writing the success story, Blizzard offers an extensive and up-to-date range, containing all kinds of skis: race skis, all mountain skis, freeride skis and touring skis.

Blizzard´s story begins with Arnsteiner crafting the very first skis for private use in his dad´s joinery. Before Blizzard began to expand more and more into the realm of touring and freeride skis over the last couple of years, the brand gained a great reputation by crafting superb on-piste skis. As soon as 1958, the first athlete on Blizzard skis was able to win the world champion title in the triple combination. A bulk of legendary skiers, like Franz Klammer, Michaela Dorfmeister, and Petra Kronberger, who, in 1992, won 2 Olympic gold medals in Albertville and, as the first woman ever, was able to clinch victories in all five World Cup disciplines, were totally sold on Blizzard and secured a plethora of remarkable wins. Thus, Blizzard became a household name in the ski world in the eighties and nineties, and a true legend of the sport.

One of the reasons why athletes were, and still are, that successful on Blizzard skis in the World Cup and the Olympic games, surely is the Austrians´ outstanding innovative power. Being one of the most traditional Austrian ski manufacturers, Blizzard introduced several watershed innovations throughout the past decades. For example, the year 1980 saw the introduction of the THERMO ski. After estimated developmental costs of 2.18 million Euro, Blizzard was able to produce the very first temperature-controlled ski, which could adapt to all kinds of piste and snow conditions.

21st century: tradition meets innovation

In the 21st century, too, Blizzard excellently unites tradition and progress. In 2006, Blizzard introduced the IQ System, a true quantum leap in the realm of ski technology, securing a homogenous connection between ski and binding. In later years, Blizzard added the Flip Core 3D construction where the wood core is built in upside down. The result of which is kind of a “natural rocker”, giving Blizzard skis an outstanding handling and an innovative edge over the general market. In 2010, Blizzard was finally granted with the European Ski Award, also known as the ISPO-Award, for their R-Power FS IQ model. In the following year, Blizzard became the first ski brand in the world to win back-to-back ISPO Awards. Ladies, especially, can profit from Blizzard´s innovative drive. The Women to Women initiative consists of skis, which are not only aesthetically adapted to female skiers, but they also mainly focus on women specific performance. These skis are furthermore developed in close cooperation with pro women athletes and heavily tested through research at the university of Verona as well as actual try-outs in the snow.

2014 proved to be an extremely successful year for Blizzard. Not only did Mario Matt win the men´s slalom Olympic gold medal in Sotschi, but an athlete on Blizzard skis also, for the first time ever, succeeded in the Freeride World Tour. This shows that Blizzard has also made it to the level of leading brands in this area. Of course, all of this success didn´t go by unnoticed. So, in 2007, Blizzard became a member of the Tecnica group. Alongside the 2009/10 collection, Blizzard´s and Tecnica´s distribution networks were brought together in the European key markets. Since 2010, Blizzard´s distribution structures have been entirely embedded in the Tecnica group´s network.