For world champions, passionate skiers, freeskiers and cross-country skiers. Atomic offers top products for a wide variety of uses – produced in “what is probably the ‘greenest’ ski factory in the world.”

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More about Atomic

Why is Atomic a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

As part of the Amer Sports Group, Atomic constantly works to make its business more sustainable – with environmental protection, the efficient use of resources and fair working conditions as cornerstones. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Atomic stands out in the following ways:

The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

It promotes fair working conditions at its production sites. Manufacture of skis in Austria

Atomic prides itself on environmentally friendly, resource-saving production

One of the greenest ski factories in the world

The Amer-Sports ski factory in Altenmarkt, Austria, has been in operation for over 45 years and produces several hundred thousand pairs of skis there every year. Atomic is aware that as a ski manufacturer they cannot stop global warming. But they can make a statement by reducing the company's own CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Therefore, important measures have been taken in recent years to significantly improve the CO2 balance.

In addition to electricity from renewable energy sources, the factory places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable heating, which comes from 100 per cent biomass in joint use with the community. Another key point is the efficient use of materials such as wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, glass fibre or carbon. Small amounts of residual waste that inevitably remain in the manufacturing process are collected via a special waste management system, shredded into small particles with the help of a shredder and recycled within the industry.

Atomic skis: alpine skis, freeride skis, and touring skis

Not only does the average skier profit from Atomic´s huge competitive racing experience. Freeriders and ski tourers also appreciate the ski engineering “Made in Austria“. The spectrum of skis, which Atomic meanwhile provides for these groups are also proof of that. With the Atomic Backland UL 65, for example, the manufacturer has developed an ultra-light touring ski that is especially suitable for ski touring racing.

The Backland series, successor to the so successful Automatic series, generally covers the entire spectrum of ski tailing. Both touring skiers and freeriders feel perfectly at home here. At the top end of the series is the Atomic Bent Chetler, a powder ski with legendary status. It was designed by professional freerider Chris Benchetler, probably the most famous member of the Atomic International Freeski Team.

Bindings and Ski Boots make Atomic's product range complete

Alongside the well-established ski boots for the average skier, the Backland philosophy is continuously enhanced and supplemented by Backland ski touring boots. In combination with the Atomic Tracker binding, your Atomic freeride combo of “ski-binding-boot” comes full circle. What the Backland is to the ski tourer, the Atomic Hawx ski boot is to the alpine skier. Just like the Backland, it also features the fitting-technology “Memory Fit” for an individual fit after just a couple of minutes of thermic adjustments. In combination with Powershift technology, Atomic keeps on creating the perfect ski feeling. By the way, Salomon´s alpine skis are also produced by Atomic. Nowadays, both brands belong to the Finish Amer Sports Group.


Another mainstay of Atomic is the Nordic/cross-country skiing division. Here too, the principle applies of using the experience of top athletes and making it available to the masses. Whether Skating skis or Classic skis, Atomic is one of the leading brands even in cross-country skiing. Similar to the alpine sector, the Redster series - with its distinctive Redster design - stands for uncompromising performance as known from the World Cup.

Ski sports history written by Atomic

Atomic was founded in 1955 by the Austrian Anton Rohrmoser in Wagrain in the province of Salzburg. After rapid growth in the 60s, 70s, and 80s with countless successes in the Ski World Cup, the leading ski brand of the time came to an abrupt end. When the company's credit was cut off under dubious circumstances in 1994, it was sold to the Finnish Amer Sports Group. However, up to that point Atomic had already written skiing history. And continues to do so. In the 70s, Atomic legend Annemarie Moser Pröll won an unprecedented six overall World Cups. In the 16/17 World Cup season, the Atomic hero of the present day, Marcel Hirscher, managed to set this record. Only one year later he even surpassed Pröll's record when he celebrated his seventh overall World Cup victory in a row.