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The Sport Conrad running shoe finder

The right running shoes are an absolute must for every runner. Because only with the right running shoes will you keep the desire to run and can you be sure that you are protected all around. Finding the right running shoes is a science in itself. That's why Sport Conrad wants to help you find your perfect shoes. Thanks to the running shoe finder, you can quickly and easily select your preferences and get the best shoes to match your specifications.

That's why you should use our running shoe finder!

Choosing the right running shoe is crucial for successful and healthy running. A well-fitting running shoe not only offers optimal comfort, but also plays an important role in injury prevention. Targeted cushioning and support reduce the effects of impact and stress on joints, muscles and tendons, minimising the risk of overuse injuries and other running injuries.
That's why the running shoe finder is essentially based on the process of a consultation as you would experience it in one of our local branches. Relevant points such as your training workload or the terrain you will be running in are meaningful clues that enable us to give you suitable shoes to choose from.
The Sport Conrad running shoe finder can quickly help you find your new favourite pair of running shoes by providing you with personalised and coordinated suggestions.

The different types of running shoes

Not all running shoes are the same - especially passionate runners should be aware of this. Different terrains, ground conditions and types of running require different conditions and therefore different shoes. That is why there are different types of running shoes. In principle, a distinction is made between running shoes for the trail and for the road, as well as for women and men. Further distinctions are made according to properties, characteristics and capabilities. There are, for example:

Stability shoes
Neutral shoes
• Lightweight trainers
Barefoot shoes
Trail running shoes
• Competition shoes

Our running shoe finder will tell you which shoes are right for your training and your run based on your specifications. This saves you valuable time and helps you find shoes that suit you and your training.

Running shoes for your needs: Here's what you should look for when buying running shoes

Which running shoes suit you and your running style depends on various factors. In the running shoe finder, you can select various criteria, such as the surface, your foot position, how much cushioning you prefer, or whether your running shoes should be waterproof. Based on your selection, we can offer you a running shoe that is perfectly adapted to your needs.


Particularly with running shoes, cushioning is an essential function of the shoe. This is because the force acting on your body should be cushioned. The cushioning can be high, medium or low. While the cushioning of a shoe can have many advantages, such as making running on hard surfaces more comfortable, high cushioning is not suitable for all runners. The amount of cushioning you need depends on various factors, such as your running style, personal preferences or the surface you are running on.


At Sport-Conrad, we classify all running shoes according to their primary purpose and the suitable surface. In the running shoe finder, you will find the options road, mixed terrain, trail, mud and snow & ice.

Do you like to jog in the mountains and run on uneven natural trails? Then you need trail running shoes that provide you and your joints with an extra dose of stability, as well as a grippy, profiled outsole.

Do you like to be surprised during your running sessions and want to be prepared for forest, gravel and road sections? Then choose mixed terrain: Here we have summarised both road and lightweight trail running shoes for you, which will get you safely to your destination over a variety of surfaces.

Running Style

Did you know that there are different ways of running? The different running styles influence the rolling behaviour, the stride frequency as well as the stride length and can also influence your running efficiency.

As a rule, a distinction is made between forefoot running, midfoot running and heel running. The first two running types are rare, while the last type, heel running, is the most common. Depending on what your running type is, your running shoes should also be adapted to it. For example, midfoot runners need running shoes with a lower drop and sufficient cushioning. Therefore, when buying your running shoes, make sure you get to know your running style and, if necessary, even have a running analysis carried out. This will help you find the best running shoes for your running style.

Pronation & Supination

In addition to your running style, you should also learn about pronation and supination. Pronation is your body's natural shock absorption mechanism. Your foot should touch down with the outer edge first, then turn inwards in the ankle area and thus touch down on the ground in a cushioned manner.

For the neutral pronation described above, neutral shoes that support your body's natural process are particularly suitable. Underpronation (supination) occurs when your foot does not turn in enough in the ankle area or moves outwards instead of inwards. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as a hollow foot. If you suffer from supination, you need shoes with more cushioning.

Finally, there is overpronation, where your ankle bends inwards excessively. This overpronation can have long-lasting orthopaedic consequences. For overpronators, therefore, stable shoes are suitable that have a pronation support in addition to other stabilising elements.


The drop of a running shoe is the difference in height between the heel and the forefoot of your running shoe. Among other things, this can affect the running performance of your shoe.

Most running shoes have a raised heel of some kind, this raised heel construction is intended to relieve heel runners, among other things, and thus ensure a comfortable run. The elevation of the heel actively helps to support and relieve pressure on the joints and muscles during running. Whether you need a high or low drop depends on various factors and is mainly influenced by the way you run.

Wind and Weather Protection

Especially if you run a lot in nature or even in winter, you should make sure that your running shoes can withstand different weather conditions. For example, your shoes should be equipped with special membranes, such as a Gore-Tex membrane, to ensure that your feet are protected in wind and weather.

With the right membrane, running shoes are also waterproof and weatherproof. However, which fabric is most comfortable for you will always depend partly on your personal preference.

The right running shoe: These are your advantages

With the right running shoe, you get the perfect combination of the best possible performance and just the right support. Depending on what type of runner you are, whether you are a beginner or run a different distance every day on varying terrain: The right running shoe is easy on your body and brings you various advantages. For example:

• The right shoes protect your tendons, ligaments and joints

• Prevent foot problems

• Reduce the risk of back pain due to poor posture

• Also reduces the risk of injury

• The right running shoes can compensate for deformities

With our running shoe finder, we give you the opportunity to find the right shoes without spending a lot of time. This way you are completely protected and can start your next run with complete confidence.

Find the right running shoe with Sport Conrad!

Let our running shoe finder help you find the perfect running shoe for your optimal performance. This will give you a selection of great shoes that are absolutely tailored to your needs. Your running gear is not yet complete? Then browse through our site and find the right jackets, T-shirts and more.