Zugspitz Ultratrail 2020 powered by Ledlenser

The Zugspitz Ultratrail powered by Ledlenser is the biggest Ultratrail running event in Germany. Higher, further, faster – is the key motivation for this year’s Zugspitz trail run which takes place from 19th till 21th of June 2020 around Germany’s highest peak Zugspitze. We are waiting again for 2.500 participants to come together to experience this unforgettable trail running event in Grainau, Ehrwald, Leutasch, Mittenwald, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Who wants to be part of the ZUT doesn’t have to meet the most extreme challenge of the Zugspitze Ultratrail. Participants can choose between five different courses. Trail running newcomers can participate in the Basetrail, which is 24,9 km long with an altitude difference of 1.595 meters and starts in Garmisch. The Basetrail XL, which is 39,4 km – almost a marathon – starts in Mittenwald, continues on to lake Ferchensee, the scenic Partnachtklamm, over Alpspitzbahn and finishes in Grainau. Those, who want to take part in the Supertrail, should be confident about their performance and know well their athletic conditions. The course is 63,9 kilometers long with an altitude difference of 2.923 meters.

Enthusiastic trail runners who strive for the ultimate challenge of Ultratrail can at first participate in its shorter version Supertrail XL. The trail run course is more than 81,9 kilometers long and offers many breathtaking scenic views. Absolute trail running freaks can push their performance limits during the hardest course of the Zugspitz Ultratrail. It is  102,5 kilometers long and runners have to overcome an altitude difference of 5.491 meters. Although the Ultratrail is the toughest challenge, it’s participants can expect one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Alps.


Qualified assistance is prepared for any case of medical emergency. Also, the number of the Medical Distress-Hotline is listed – among other places – on all course maps and the back of the back of the bibs, which is assigned to each competitor after registration. An outdoor-physio-team will offer medical care for any exhausted trail runner. The plan is to provide safety and comfort to all participants.



The Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail is a single trail run in the Alps. Some segments of the courses include high alpine trails passages demanding particular experience and skill. Therefore the race organizers will perform random checks ups prior to the race start and at various check-up points, and control whether the mandatory equipment/clothing is being carried along. If any items of the mandatory equipment will be missing, the participant will get time penalty or will be disqualified from the race.

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