VAUDE Green Shape Core Collection

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The Green Shape Core Collection consequently shows VAUDE´s vision of sustainable outdoor equipment. The pieces of clothing, shoes and backpacks of this collection are designed for a large scope of outdoor activities. They feature a natural kind of visual appearance and feel, and unite performance with a comfortable feeling and long shelf life. 

Each product is unique in and of itself. Together, they form the core of the VAUDE Green Shape collection. They express their green soul, embody their ecological and social values and show what really keeps VAUDE ticking. Concerning the products´ development, nature served as their role model, toughest challenger and inexhaustible source of inspiration. About 90 percent of the versatile textile materials, which are used for manufacturing, are organic, recycled or pure natural materials. They are used environmentally-friendly and under fair working conditions to become the most sustainable kind of products that VAUDE has to offer. With the help of the Green Shape Collection, VAUDE wants to prove that it´s worth to stand up for the issue of sustainability with the utmost conviction and a great level of pioneering spirit. We really want to support this agenda!



Unique products for your outdoor adventures

If you´re looking for unique products, you´ve found them with VAUDE´s Green Shape Core Collection. The highly innovative products are indeed unique in terms of their composition, because they unite the use of recycled materials, such as ricinus oil or cow milk, organically degradable fibers and merino wool. In this process, VAUDE really tests the edges of what is technologically and economically feasible. This results in incredibly versatile products, which you can use for winter hikes, easy ski tours, mountain hikes and biking. All of this combined with a focus on fair working conditions? Truly unique!



This is Green Shape


With the Green Shape label, VAUDE offers functional, environmentally-friendly products made of sustainable materials. Concerning manufacturing, VAUDE pays attention to fair working conditions along the entire supply chain. In terms of VAUDE´s Green Shape products, this means that not only do the main materials meet the high ecological demands, but also all production processes involved.  The criteria are strict and transparent. They are continuously surveyed and comprise the entire circle of life of each product – from the design and production all the way to care, repairing and use. Furthermore, all additional components, such as threads, zippers and imprints have to comply with the strict Green Shape criteria.


Our Vaude Green Shape products: