Outdoor clothing and equipment of recycled materials at Sport Conrad

Sustainability is a topic that concerns us all. And also recycling plays an increasingly important role in the production of clothing. For guidance, Sport Conrad identifies clothing made from recycled materials or that is recyclable with an icon.



The criteria for our logo are clear and transparent. We assign our logo to:

  • Clothing made from recycled material
  • Clothing that is recyclable


Why the new Logo just makes sense?

More and more manufacturers have recognized the importance of sustainability. And how important it has become for the customers too. If you attach importance to the fact that the clothes, which you buy, completely from recycled material consists – or in portions was manufactured, you have with the Logo a fast overview.

→ We also point in our online shop to the Fairwear Foundation, which stands for fair working conditions in the clothing and textile industry, with an extra logo on clothing.

→ With another logo and a filter, we point in our online shop to bluesign®. bluesign® stands for the sustainable production of textiles and hardware. Environmentally harmful substances are excluded from the manufacturing process, resource-saving manufacturing processes are guaranteed.


BRANDS that use recycled MATERIALs

Turning old into new is a trend – and one that no longer comes across as “typically eco-friendly”, but is innovative and very modern. Even on the Parisian catwalks you can find whole collections of recycled materials.  Many outdoor manufacturers also produce clothing made entirely from recycled materials or from recycled materials. Such as recycled down or old bedding or old clothes. Recycled nylon, polyester recycled plastic bottles or recycled wool is also used. Some manufacturers even suggest that they recycle and recycle their customers’ old clothes.

Here you can find a list of brands in our shop that use recycled material or use materials that are recyclable – and thus receive our icon.



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