The LANGE Dual Core Technology: Be One with your boots

Standing at the start, waiting to explode from the gate. Staring down your line, getting ready to drop. Before time slows down and your surroundings blur in the periphery, – before, “5, 4, 3, 2”… you reach down with purpose and snap each buckle into place, the boot wrapping around your foot and lower leg. Securing that sense of precision. Reinforcing the fit. Locking it down. It’s the last touch before you push-off, drop-in, set-an-edge, accelerate.


As the only piece of equipment that touches and interacts with your body, your ski boots are your body’s connection to your skis. The critical link. Every movement you make transmitted to your skis, controlling your trajectory, fighting the pull of gravity, driving you down the fall line.  



Your boots are the most important piece of equipment. 


At LANGE they understand the boots as the most important piece of ski equipment. Over 50 years ago, they developed the world’s first plastic ski boot – and in doing so – revolutionized skiing forever. Today, their deep understanding of foot mechanics, attention to the subtleties of skiing, and desire to help every skier continuously perform better has again resulted in one of the most important innovations in ski boot engineering.


Introducing DUAL COREthe most significant breakthrough in modern ski boot performance since the first plastic ski boot:



Performance as reactive and dynamic as your own body

Utilizing our revolutionary new injection method, both soft and rigid versions of the most responsive high-performance plastics (polyether, polyurethane, grilamid®) are simultaneously injected into the boot mold and targeted to key areas of the boot.

The result – DUAL COREour proprietary sandwich shell construction.

By sandwiching a softer plastic core within more rigid plastic, we are able to drastically enhance elastic tension within the boot. So as you drive and flex into your boots, DUAL CORE actively compresses and expands, harnessing potential energy to deliver explosive power, snap, and rebound.



DUAL CORE – Ski better


More liveliness and precision, easier entry and exit, and a new level of ski boot. Performance as reactive and dynamic as your own body:


SHIN CONTROL – Dedicated women’s design


Seamless integration of our SHIN CONTROL technology addresses the needs of committed women skiers for enhanced comfort and control:


DUAL 3D LINER – Instant fit


3D molded internally and externally, the costumizable dual 3D LINERs offer instant out-of-the-box fit for all-day comfort and control:


So what does all this mean for you, the skier?

Your ski boot acts as both your power transmission and your steering wheel on the mountain. As you engage your boot, effectively driving your energy and movements through the boot and into your skis – you need your skis to react as quickly you do.

DUAL CORE technology delivers the energy, liveliness, and snow-feel that makes your boots a direct extension of your leg. Imagine World Cup power and precision, easier entry-and-exit, and a new level of ski boot performance that’s as reactive and dynamic as your own body.    

So as you’re driving your skis forward and setting your trajectory, pressuring your edges and holding through the turn’s apex – then releasing, shifting your weight, rolling your ankles, driving into the next turn – you feel the energy and liveliness to mirror your exact movements with power, precision, and confidence.


BE ONE with your boots.


Whether you’re pushing off and pressing the gas, feathering your turns and finding the sweet spot, or airing it out and attacking the fall line – for the first time in skiing – you can truly BE ONE with your boots and find the control, confidence, and creativity that will take your skiing to the next level.      



The DUAL CORE technology is used in several LANGE ski boot lines like the RS (Race), RX and LX  (Allmountain) or XT (Freeride/Tour). You can find them in our Sport Conrad stores and online:



In Penzberg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen we also offer a boot fitting, where the shoe is adjusted to your foot in several steps, depending on what you need. 


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