Outdoor Kitchen: What do you need for your camping trip?

Camping is more than just sleeping outside in nature. Camping is a way of life. The freedom to pack your backpack, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, drive where you like to pitch your tent is just what many love about camping. Outdoor enthusiasts or alpinists normally prefer to spend their vacations outdoors, rather than in a hotel room. But that does not mean that they have to do without good food.


Balanced Meals while Camping? No Probem! 

Camping means ravioli and crisps every day? Not anymore! Of course, it can be a fast alternative but today there are much more opportunities. If you’re on a long bike or hike trip during the day you’ll be hungry for some fresh food in the evenings. And also your breakfast can be more than crispbread and rusks. Thanks to modern camping equipment, a balanced outdoor kitchen is no problem anymore.

But don’t be afrait that you have to carry more luggage now. We all know: Less is more on camping trips. Modern camping stoves, camping dishes and camping cups take up little space, are easy to stow and above all easy to use. 


Multi talent: Camping stove

A cup of hot coffee in the morning, a delicious pasta in the evening? With an outdoor stove, campers do not have to compromise in culinary terms. With little effort, even unusual meals can be prepared open air. Cooking for one person or more? You can decide. In addition to simple cookers or pocket stoves, there are also duo or multiple cookers. What about vegetables with fried potatoes, added with fresh herbs from nature?

You do not even have to do without sausages or grilled corncobs. And with little effort. Compact camping stoves connected to the gas canopy are very easy to carry, easy to use and very practical.



Camping-Pots in every size and shape

Not only the stove is important to prepare something delicious in the evening in front of the tent. Of course you also need pots, pans and bowls in which you cook your culinary creations. It is not recommended to take half of your household for camping. Even camping pots are smaller and handy now. So it is even possible to take several pots in a cooking set



set the table – with camping-cutlery

Of course after cooking you do not have to eat out of the pot. There are suitable camping dishes and cutlery – classic Emaile or modern with silicone. It’s your choice. Manufacturers have come up with sophisticated variations. The cutting board is integrated in the bowl or the camping cutlery hangs on a carabiner. This saves space and completes your outdoor kitchen. For all coffee lovers out there that are looking for → the best outdoor coffee moment the classic espresso maker should not be missing.



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