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Running Backpacks


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More Running Backpack Facts

You are a runner, out and about on the trail in the mountains or in the flat, and your keys keep clatter in your pocket? You are holding your water bottle in your hand while training, your rain jacket is carried around your waist and so on? Then it is about time for a running backpack! There are quite a lot to chose from: space capacity ranging from 2 to 22 liters, integrated hydration systems, with and without rain protection.. The brands Salomon, Dynafit, Scott, Ultimate Direction and Lowe Alpine provide you with the best backpacks out there for your long and short running adventures! 

Put it in your running backpack

Running backpacks are available in different sizes and with different features. They offer storage space and pockets for nutrition, your valuables and essentials and additional equipment such as accessories, running apparel and energy bars. Most of them have practical key holders. Then there are fastening devices for your running poles or other gear such as ice tools or helmets, and space for your flasks or water bottles to keep these from jumping around in your pack. And most backpacks also have specific storage space for your hydration system, meaning you can easily integrate your water bladder and tube – take your Camelbak or whatever other system you are using, they work with any, with you! Also, some packs already have the system integrated. And sometimes, the space for this is isolated to keep your drink cold in summer and prevent freezing in winter.

For your safety, many backpacks also have reflective details, clips for lights and whistles.


The material of your running backpack is what makes the difference

To really make the backpack of great use, it has to fit you well and be light-weight. Because it should be of help, not additional weight to have to carry. As of this, these backpacks are very light, starting at around 200g and going up to about 500g. This is thanks to the materials used. Most are made of mesh material, which is not only extremely lightweight, but it also offers another great advantage: it is breathable. So when you run or do other sports, the heat will not be trapped between your back and the pack, but rather be moved to the outside.

Additionally, some backpacks are water repellant, waterproof or have a rain protection included – because we are not going to let the rain keep us from running! Really, there are no limits and different backpacks designed for all runners, whatever you might need on any day in the high mountains or flat, be it on a race or just for fun.

As with clothing: The running backpack needs to fit

What is important is not just the right size and features, but also that just like with running shoes, the backpack needs be comfortable to fit your back and body. Many backs therefore come in different sizes, depending on the length of your back. Others are one-sized but can easily be adapted. You can change, open and close the system quickly with just a few movements. Hip and chest belts keep the pack stable while you run. Through this, cutting in and rubbing by the straps and bag are prevented.

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