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Cross Country Beanies and Headbands at Sport Conrad

A day of cross-country skiing is wonderful: perfectly groomed trails, fresh snow. Cross-country skiing means pure freedom - provided you wear the right cross-country clothing. If you spend a long time outside it is important to protect yourself from the cold. Especially at the head, you lose a lot of body heat and should make sure you wear the right beanie or a headband. The right headgear is more than just an accessory and fulfills a variety of functions! To make your choice easier we will explain which different models of cross-country skiing hats there are and where they are best used.

Do you prefer a beanie or a headband?

Especially on snowy days you should definitely grab a hat, so that your entire head is covered, you are best protected from moisture, and your head is optimally warmed. On sunny days, a headband that covers your ears is sufficient. Cross-country headbands are usually cut a little wider, so that they do not slip. Especially cross-country skiers with long hair like to use headbands, because they can tie the hair on the top of the head without problems and the hair does not interfere with skiing.

When the weather is extremely cold, masks offer particularly high protection. They not only warm your head and ears, but also protect your chin and neck. Therefore, they are a good choice especially for children.

Fabrics and care

Cross-country ski hats and headbands are usually made of functional synthetic fiber. Thus, they are pleasantly light to wear and dry quickly after your endurance unit thanks to their moisture management. The wearing comfort is not neglected, as the models are usually lightly lined or have sewn-in sweatbands. In addition, the fabric is breathable and windproof. Another plus point of beanies and headbands made of functional materials is the uncomplicated care: they can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. We recommend the models made of functional fabric especially for athletic skiers during sweaty units.

You prefer it cozy and warm?

Then it's best to go for a hat made of wool or fleece. Merino wool is a true all-rounder here: it keeps your head at the right temperature and regulates excess moisture at the same time. The natural material also prevents odors and does not scratch. To provide the necessary portion of warmth, some wool hats are very thick. For endurance units on the trail, these are usually a bit too thick and cause you to sweat quickly. Beanies made of fine knit, on the other hand, find a good balance of thickness and warmth that is perfect for cross-country skiing. If you don't want to compromise on wearing comfort, you can also reach for headwear made of fleece. These are especially soft.

No matter which fabric you choose, the general rule is: especially if you are just starting cross-country skiing and enjoy skiing through the trail, it is important that you do not get cold. Extra warm hats and headbands can help.

What should you look for when buying?

When buying a cross-country skiing cap or headband, you should pay particular attention to the fit. The headgear should fit snugly so that no wind can get in. However, if it is so tight that it pinches, we recommend that you choose a larger model.

To always be visible in the dark or in cloudy conditions most hats have integrated reflective details. So nothing stands in the way of your safety - no matter what the weather.

The selection at Sport Conrad

At Sport Conrad you'll find knitted hats, beanies and more for men, women and kids. Browse through the wide range of designs from brands like Löffler, Maloja and Odlo, and find the hat that best suits you and your needs.
You still need more equipment? In the cross-country category you'll find everything you need for your perfect winter sports day.