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The early 2000s were a time of awakening - the boundless freedom of board sports and surfing was rather little established in skiing until then. However, this changed when a group of skiers and a photographer set off and founded Armada.


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More about Armada

Why is Armada a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The Amer Group, which includes the Armada ski brand, is way out in front when it comes to responsible production and sustainability. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Armada stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production

- Armada is mindful of resource-saving use of packaging materials and strives to reduce them to a minimum 

Performance without compromise

“Responsibility is a mindset. In every decision we make, we have to consider our environmental impact,” – is how Armada's parent company, Amer Sports Group, describes its sustainability efforts. For Armada, this means a combination of free spirit and responsible production. That is why the ski brand stands for unconventional styles and freedom in skiing without compromise – whether on the slopes, in the pipe or backcountry. Most of the skis, for example, are manufactured at the Amer Group’s facility in Altenmarkt in Austria. Here, the goal is to constantly develop new technologies to manufacture products with less steam, electricity and energy. The ski factory's heating energy is generated from 100 percent biomass, and surplus energy from the factory is used to heat the facility’s office buildings in the winter. An important step at the Altenmarkt site for the upcoming years: Continued development of a circular economy.

Armada has all freeskiers´ needs covered

This feeling was the impetus to awaken a young and vibrant scene. What it meant was: The piste is for yesteryear! Now, it´s time for freeskiing! Armada jumped on the bandwagon, being a trailblazer and role model of the new movement. This shouldn´t come as a surprise, since even top skiers such as JP Auclair, Tanner Hall, JF Cusson, Julien Regnier, and Boyd Easley wanted to get rid of the chains of traditional skiing.

Their quest was to live their own skiing dream. And this very dream significantly differed from everything else you could find in the conventional ski circus of pros and amateurs. That was how the first independent ski brand came into existence, in which five young lose cannons strutted their stuff under the name of “Armada”.

Accordingly, Armada harbors a broad range of freeskis. Being one of the first brands to make this sport popular and, actually being somehow synonymous with the sport, an elaborate product range is a must-have. Armada subdivides its range of freeskis into four categories: Freestyle skis, freeride skis, all mountain skis, and touring skis. Whether on piste, powder or backcountry, the Armada skis are up for any terrain. In addition, the ARV freestyle guard also offers kids' models. They have similar centre widths to the all-mountain skis, but the ARV is designed specifically for freestyle action. This also explains the clear tendency to jib, butter and nosepress tailpress action.