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Service: Ski Boot Fitting

Perfectly fitting ski boots that deliver high performance but are also comfortable - what sounds like the holy grail of snow sports is possible with a little help from smart technology and the craftsmanship of our staff. The boots are selected according to your needs and individual anatomy, and then fitted to ensure a comfortable fit and optimal power transmission.

Not only are the boots more comfortable, but the good fit means that they do not restrict blood circulation, keeping your feet warmer. Boot fitting is particularly useful for ski mountaineers, as better-fitting boots are less likely to cause blisters. Last but not least, boot fitting is especially important for all snow sports enthusiasts with problem areas such as ganglia or other anatomical peculiarities.


Foot analysis

The first step is a foot analysis. The position and shape of the foot is look at in great detail: whether the foot is pointed inwards or outwards, whether it is wide or narrow, what the longitudinal arch looks like, and so on. This is done by the trained eye of our team in combination with our 2D foot scanner.

Sole fitting

To ensure a perfect fit, we usually also recommend a Sidas custom insole, which is designed to fit your foot perfectly. The advantage of insoles is that they ensure good power transmission, stabilise the foot and prevent premature fatigue. You can find out how we make insoles, how much they cost and all the other details here.

The boot fitting process

Your boot will be fitted to your individual foot using heat. If you don't have any problems with your boots after a few times on or off the slopes, they don’t need to be adjusted further. However, if there are pressure points and painful areas, we will be happy to help.

Boot fitting allows you to work on both the inner shoe and, in most cases, the shell. Different manufacturers use different systems. There are special ovens for fitting that heat up to 120° celsius. The shell and liner are heated separately. At the same time, the pressure points on the foot are covered with small foam pads. When you step into the heated boot, it automatically adapts to your foot, expanding a few millimetres at the taped pressure points.

If more room is needed, other tools come into play. Additional volume can be created with the shell widener or the milling machine. For example, if the shoe is squeezing around the ankle, the sole is milled underneath the inner shoe to give the ankle more room. Piece by piece, we tailor your boots to your individual fit.

Because touring often involves lightweight materials, some products are not suitable for heating in an oven. Then we use a special hairdryer and other tools. In any case, we will find a solution! Just pop into one of our stores for a boot fitting. In principle, you do not need to make an appointment, but it is advisable to give us a call beforehand so that you do not have to wait long.

Special case: Fitting Fischer Vacuum models

If you want to buy a Fischer Vacuum ski boot and have it fitted, you should make an appointment to have it fitted. Fischer Vacuum ski boots are fitted differently. We work with reduced heat, silicone pads and pressure. The special thing about the Fischer Vacuum process is that, unlike all other ski boots, the boot can not only be made wider, but also slightly narrower! Our telephone numbers can be found on the store pages.

Bootfitting Price List:

Adjustment Liner: 5 €
MemoryFit/Customshell: 10 € / pair 15 €

Fischer Vacuum fitting: 40 €

Length adjustment (shell only): € 20 per boot

Widening/stretching of the shell: per boot 10 € / per pair € 20 (prices may vary depending on the number of positions, please ask our staff!)

Wooden strips: from €50

We offer boot fitting in the following stores

> Wielenbach

> Garmisch-Partenkirchen

> Penzberg

Please note: We only offer our boot fitting service in winter from November to March.


You can find all the information about our stores, including opening times and directions, on the stores page. In addition to boot fitting, our stores offer a range of other services to make your shopping experience at Sport Conrad even better:

Our store services in summer

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