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For more than 100 years, Madshus has been committed to producing the best cross-country skis from the best materials. We'll explain to you how they do it.

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More Madshus Facts

Why is Madshus a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

As a leading manufacturer in the outdoor segment, Madshus is committed to taking care of the planet and their customers, as well as ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for their employees who develop the products, as well as the factory workers who manufacture them.

The company is committed to taking responsibility for its operations and making a positive contribution to the environment, to consumers and to our society as a whole.

Madshus' goal is to act responsibly and lead the way in sustainable business practices in selected areas.

As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Madshus is characterized primarily by the following points:

 • The company is committed to responsibility throughout its supply chain and follows responsible purchasing practices and production processes.

• Madshus has a proven commitment to a fair, accessible and transparent grievance mechanism for workers.

• The company understands the environmental impact of its operations and works to reduce its own footprint. 

• Madshus is committed to sustainable chemical management and does not use hazardous chemicals. 

• The company pays attention to the resource-efficient use of packaging materials and strives to reduce it.

Whether it is skis, cross-country skates or poles, only the best and most durable materials are used, the production processes are carefully controlled and the final products are designed with precision. The result is very high-quality sports equipment, of which professional biathletes,- cross country skiers and nordic combiners are convinced.


The story of Madshus begins in a barn of the Verdal Farm near Gjøvik, a small village in Norway where Martin Madshus was born and lived with his father. He discovered his love to the cross-country skis very early and in 1906 he crafted his first wooden ski with hand-made tools in the barn of his father and so today´s well-known brand Madshus was born. The wood, from which the Madshus skis are made of, was selected very carefully.

Only trees with the best wood fibers and without defects were used for the production of Madshus cross country skis. If a tree was good enough, it was "burned" with a big M of the Madshus axe. This M has been the trademark of Madshus since 1906.


After some moves of the company Madshus to other cities and after some gold medals, which were won with Madshus skis at the Olympic Games, the company began fiberglass ski production in 1974. 

Finally, in 1988 the big company K2 bought Madshus, because they were so fascinated by the technical skills and innovations of Madshus and one year later, they produced their first alpine ski. The company Madshus grows more and more, and is sold in 17 countries and the Madshus athletes are very successful.


The company Madshus not only manufactures classic skis and skating skis, but also very high-quality classic boots and skating boots and poles and in year 2010, Madshus is the first manufacturer to remove the plastic PVC from the boot-line and used a softshell construction instead.

Madshus also launched a revolutionary category, RED. In this category, we find the new Redline skis and Super Nano carbon boots. Those products revolutionized the market and set a new standard for speed.

In 2015 Madshus revolutionizes the market again by launching an integrated skin system technology. IntelliGrip® skins were born. In the following 3 years, this technology became a standard to wax-less skis around the world. Madshus is the nordic company since more than 100 years.

©Cross country skis close-up by Madshus  ©Cross country skating by Ian Coble