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Salomon, the specialist in trail running and winter sports equipment, not only sells technically sophisticated garments and gear. It is also committed to respecting its own playground – nature, which is of vital importance for outdoor sports.


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More about Salomon

Why is Salomon a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The company belonging to the Amer Sports Group has embarked on a challenging sustainability path with its Play Minded Program. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Salomon stands out in the following ways:  

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It is aware of the impact its operations have on the environment and is a bluesign system partner

- Salomon promotes fair working conditions, belongs to the Fair Labor Association and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and is a signatory of the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action     

Salomon: Full speed ahead until 2025

Solomon's motivation is to enrich people's lives through sports and to demonstrate that "we need to play responsibly." To contribute to the preservation of our nature, Salomon hast set up a unique sustainability program, the Play Minded Program. As Jean-Marc Pambet, CEO of Salomon, puts it: "... I clearly confirm our intent to achieve our business growth, while reducing our enironmental impact and contributing to social development."

Divided into four key areas, the program focuses o the company's immediate and long-term goals and intentions in several areas to operate mor sustainable: The Toys (the products themselves), the toymakers (the people who make the products), the playgrounds (the places where the sports are engage in) and the players (the people making up the various outdoor sports communities. Highly technical designs pose distinct challenges, especially when it comes to winter sports gear. The S/MAS eSkin cross-country ski with a core made from recycled plastic bottles represents a veritable milestone. 

Learn more about our Salomons products

Salomon's outstanding outdoor gear will get yu read for you next outdoor adventure. At Salomon you will find a wide selection of summer, and winter gerar to accompany you while trail running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. We would like to introduce yout to this variety.

Excellent Equipment for every season

The family business Salomon initially specialized in winter sports and quickly became an alpine legend through the production of skis, bindings and ski boots. In 1998, another core area was added wi the then still young disciplne od trail running. In this area, the French company, which was integrated into the Amer Sports Group in 2005 alongside such renowned brands as Suunto, Arc'teryx and Atomic, has become a real trendsetter in this field.

Trail running Expert Salomon 

From the beginning on, Salomon has paid attention to combining technical progress with stylish design. In probably no other area is Salomon as well known for this as in running. After all, Salomon has been one of the world's most popular running brands. Since the birth of trailrunning Salomon repeatedly cam up with new innovations - such as the SCS (Salomon Cushioning System), which provides unparalleled comfort and stanility when walking. Today, its is impossible to imagine any running iscipline without Salomon products. And that doesn#t just apply to shoes.