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What exactly is BOA®?
BOA® is a fitting system with which your equipment can be closed precisely. For an even better hold and perfect fit. We have already explained how it works in detail on our blog. So far, the lacing system is already known from running shoes, helmets and snowboard boots and even with ski touring boots you already have the opportunity to benefit from this great invention. The logical consequence? Of course, ski boots! This was not so easy at first, because the alpine ski boot has to meet special requirements. In alpine skiing, other forces are at work, and power transmission to the edges is essential. Have the manufacturers succeeded? We say YES!

The story behind it:
It all started with snowboarding. The founders of the company were fed up with the laborious lacing and the poor fit of the shoes. As a reward, there was then a poor power transmission to the board. A solution was needed and so BOA® founder Gary Hammerslag turned his frustration into an idea and developed a revolutionary lacing system for snowboard boots. BOA® was born and has since changed all outdoor areas.

Specially designed for skiing

The BOA® Fit System with the H+i1 platform consists of three essential components: a finely adjustable twist lock, lightweight yet extremely resilient ropes, and low-friction rope guides. With their finely adjustable, precise fit and optimal heel hold, BOA® ski boots offer superior edge grip and control.

An incredible amount of development work has been invested and countless tests completed to transfer the BOA® Fit System to ski boots. In the process, the company has collaborated with some of the leading ski boot manufacturers. Which brands and which ski boots have integrated the BOA® Fit System, you can read below.