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Safety is Marker's top priority – but so is acting responsibly, because the brand with Bavarian roots is committed to itself: Yes, we care!


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Why is Marker a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

As a major player in the winter sports industry, the parent company, MDV Sports, which also owns the Dalbello and Völkl brands, is aware of its responsibility to act sustainably. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Marker stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It prides itself on environmentally friendly, resource-saving production
- Marker sources 100 % of the raw materials for the bindings from the European Economic Area

Marker: Yes, we care!

“All winter sports enthusiasts are united by their love of nature, but, at the same time, winter sports are affected by the increasing strain on the environment and nature like no other sport. As a result, sustainability and resource conservation are important topics for us here at Marker.” The company was founded by Hannes Marker in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1952, but is now headquartered in Penzberg, Bavaria. Marker seeks for all of the steps in production to be as resource-saving as possible and is constantly researching new ways to further expand its efforts. The central location of production in the Czech Republic makes for short transport distances, thus reducing pollutant emissions. Reusable pendulum packaging made of wood and without film wrapping is used in distribution. In cases where cardboard boxes are needed for delivery, Marker relies on sustainable products: The recycled content is 75 percent, and the paper is FSC-certified to ensure that it comes from responsible forestry.


“Marker Duplex”: This revolutionized binding technologies in general and was the first element of a whole chain of innovations, which significantly increased the safety and performance aspects in the scope of ski bindings. Marker was one of the key players in this development.

What followed was a whole series of trendsetting innovations on the binding market. The latest coup by Marker was the introduction of the “Royal Family”. In the 2007/2008 winter season, the Marker Jester and the Marker Duke were introduced into the market and laid the foundation for the Royal Family´s freeride bindings. Ever since this time, the terms Jester and Duke are synonymous with up-to-date quality within the scene – after all, that many freeriders can´t be wrong.

Consequently, the Royal Family was extended and modernized, so, from the 2016/2017 winter season onwards, this freeride family consisted of seven members: Marker Jester, Marker Duke, Marker Baron, Marker Griffon, Marker Lord, Marker Squire, and Marker Schizo. With this product range, Marker covers the entire spectrum of contemporary freeskiing: backcountry, freeride, freestyle, and park – a royal family, indeed!

Like all renowned manufacturers within the ski circus, Marker, of course, also harbors a pro-team of freeskiers, freeriders, and slopestylers as well as mountain- and ski-guides. This team is an important source for innovations and one of the mainsprings of why Marker has been successfully able to maintain on top for the past couple of decades.


This source also served as the birthplace of Marker´s latest accomplishment, which caused quite a roar. Namely, it was the Marker Kingpin. A lightweight touring binding featuring the safety features of an alpine binding. In the end, this is exactly what touring skiers had been waiting for. As a matter of fact, the Marker Kingpin unites the best characteristics of both, alpine and touring bindings, by matching the release standards of an alpine binding and, at the same time, maintaining the weight and uphill performance comfort of a classic Pin touring binding. This makes the ski stay where it rightfully belongs.

Besides the main sector of freeride and touring bindings with the according accessories like stoppers and crampons, Marker also distributes security-relevant winter sports accessories like ski helmets, goggles, and protectors.