From a one-man-garage-show to a freeride and freestyle trendsetter. That is the story of Line Skis and its founder Jason Levinthal.
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More Line Facts

It started in 1995 in Albany, NY – now Line is one of the most innovative ski brands, throwing some fresh life into the traditional skiers of the mid 90’s with their freestyle skis.


Success showed prettty quickly. Both in sales and sports. Because already in winter 1996, more than 1000 pairs of skis were ordered from Japan and the first medals were won on Line skis on the Winter XGames.

Another mile stone was the Line “The Ostness Dragon” ski of 1999. This ski was the first twintip to make it onto the cover of a magazine. The Line Team grew, one of the guys added to this famous team was Eric Pollard, still very well known today. He is one of the guys who has major influence on the line ski collection and its development.

Following, a bunch of products changed the scene: The Chronicle, the Sick Days collection or Tom Wallisch Pro and Magnum Opus. All models covering the whole spectrum of modern freeskiing, from pro model, to park and “Funny Freeride” to bigmountain pieces. And still today, the motto of the brand speaks for itself: “Make Skiing more Funner”.

Today, the ski collection is formed by way more than 20 skis for freerider and freestyler. Next tot he Eric Pollard collection, the series “Sick Day” and “Supernatural” are especially well liked and known all over the world. Both of them covert he most important spectrum of 88 to 114mm below the binding.

As of this, no rider needs to go without his favourite ski, because whatever your preferences, the Supernatural comes in four models between 86 and 100mm and the Sick Day ranges from 88 to 114mm.


Good proof for Line always being open to new things and a leader concerning ski design is the new Line Pescado. Some people might call it a piece of art rather than a ski. The /pes.'ka.do/ is the current top model, the crown of its ski evolution. Classic wooden laminate and a fork tail on the outside and the most modern ski technology on the inside – within a width of 125mm. This is a unique combination for sure. Just like the Line philosophy.

As a real ski specialist, Line is focused only on their skis. But of course, passionate riders need some additional equipment: ski bags, poles, beanies, shirts and hoodies for riders to put their statement out even when there is no snow around.

©Eric Pollard jumping with his skis by Josh Malczyk ©Eric Pollard Freeriding by Christian Pondella