Black Crows

Very quickly, the brand Black Crows became known worldwide and is now producing skis for all different possibilities of going down (and up) the mountains. 

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More about Black Crows

2006: Two professional freeskiers looking for a ski which up until then, was not available. Out of this, Black Crows evolved as an independent brand in Chamonix, right at the bottom of Mont Blanc. The two of them viewed the skiing culture as a window, open to the world – which it soon became: Their longing for a ski to satisfy their needs was met with the first Black Crows ski “Corvus”.

Black crows: pleasure wings

Their vision: A powder ski which would be wide, that would stand high speeds and quick changes of direction thanks to their shape. Over a glass of whine, Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet decided to make their wish reality and build their own ski under the brand name Black Crows. Beauty and performance where to meet.

Today, the company produces freeride skis, as well as on-piste skis, freestyle skis, touring skis and all-mountain skis. Moreover do they offer poles, ski apparel and accessories such as gloves and beanies.

To Black Crows, freedom means to innovate and to pioneer

Not only the first powder ski Corvus was innovative, but also the design of the skis. Why all those black birds? The name Black Crows comes from the alpine chough: a black bird with a yellow beak and red claws, belonging to the corvid family. They are one of the few birds flying above an altitude of 4000 meters. As of this, they are known to provide reassuring presence for skiers and mountaineers.


Black Crows became known through its Ski Corvus. It continued with many more. The wide skis are built for endless powder in highest mountains and rapid turns in between snow-covered trees. Next to Corvus, which is built with a single-rocker for a more traditional alpine-feeling, other freeride skis of 2017, such as the Anima, hold double-rockers for a more playful way of skiing. For those, who not only long for great powder going down the mountain, but also enjoy their way touring up, Black Crow’s Freebird collection is just right. The skis widths range between 76 and 115mm under the binding, offering all that is needed for soft powder, as well as icy or highly trafficked hillsides. When enjoying the off-piste but loving the speed on the slopes, the all-mountain skis fit perfectly. Whether you prefer yours skis to be playful or precise and agile, Captis, Navis and so on are both aggressive and high-performing for the best experiences on and off the groomed slopes. Just like Black Crows is really strong in the backcountry, they also offer great on-piste skis: Wild turns, vibrant descents and high speeds are awaiting you! What a technology: Thanks to its two titanal plates underneath its bindings, the orb offers great elasticity and dynamic. For the ladies, Black Crows also offers most models as a specific ski built and designed for the physiological features of the female body. But of course, the Birdie collections still offers the same amount of intensity, speed and liveliness!

As do the skis, also Black Crow’s clothing is marked with unique strong identity. While the corpus collection is minimalistic but also incredibly strong, the Ventus collection was specifically designed to stand even the roughest weather conditions. Both of them do not only offer awesome designs, but also great technical details and functionality.

But Black Crows does not only stand for great skis and clothing, it also holds a great community. Winter enthusiasts from all over are united in the Crow Community. They originate from all different areas of skiing: Professional mogule skiers, racers, Free Ride Worldtour participants and freestyle skiers are all spreading the brand and their passion.