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Service: Ski mounting

Ideally, the skier, binding and boot form a perfect system. When you buy your skis and bindings, we usually mount those, based on your needs. The highlight: This service is included in the price of your skis! Of course, if you don't want the binding to be mounted, that's also possible.

Once you have chosen your skis, our experienced workshop team will mount the bindings you have chosen. In our shops this can usually be done within a short time on the same day. If you buy online, this will be done as soon as possible, provided the skis and bindings you have chosen are in stock.

The mounting process

Sole length

To fit the bindings, we need your sole length (XXX mm). You can usually find the length printed either on the side of your ski boot or on the bottom. Attention: do not confuse the sole length with the mondopoint size specification for (touring) ski boots! For more information on sole lengths for touring ski boots, click here. For details on sole lengths for alpine ski boots, click here.

Mounting point

The mounting point is indicated on each ski. In general, the binding is mounted so that the mounting point on the ski and the marking on the boot centre line up. However, you can mount the binding further forward or further back. This is especially true for park & pipe and freeride skis, where a more progressive mounting point is often chosen. Mounting further forward makes it easier to turn, which in turn makes for more dynamic turns. On the other hand, a more rear-mounted tip will give you a smoother ride at high speeds, as well as advantages in powder.

Stopper widths

When buying skis, always check that the width of the stopper matches the binding. If this is not the case, we can easily exchange it at no extra cost. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Dynafit bindings - so always make sure the width of the binding matches the width of the ski!

Binding adjustment

If you buy your equipment from us on site, we will adjust your bindings to suit your skiing and athletic ability. To do this we will need your boots. So you can get on with your next skiing adventure straight away. If you have ordered your equipment online we will NOT adjust the binding, we will only adjust it to the length of the sole. So before you set off up the mountain, you will need to adjust the Z value. This value depends on your height, weight, age, boot length and skiing ability, and ensures that the binding releases correctly in the event of a fall.

The mounting points

Mounting point "Telemark Standard" (manufacturer's recommendation): We mount according to the 3-pin line or weighing point or with NTN bindings according to the NTN standard.

"Standard ski touring" mounting point (manufacturer's recommendation): We mount the binding according to the "ski touring" recommendation of the respective ski manufacturer.

Mounting point "Park & ​​Pipe Standard" (manufacturer's recommendation): We mount the binding according to the "Park & ​​Pipe" recommendation of the respective ski manufacturer. If not available, it is mounted in the middle of the ski.

Mounting point "Allround Standard" (manufacturer's recommendation): We mount the binding on the "Recommended/Team mounting point". This is between "Park & ​​Pipe" and "Freeride". For skiers who also want to land switch on their freeride skis.

Mounting point "Freeride Standard" (manufacturer's recommendation): We mount the binding on the rearmost possible mounting point of the respective ski manufacturer.

Self-chosen mounting point: We mount the middle of your shoe on the point you have chosen. You will find a corresponding selection scale (from +1 to -7cm, starting from the middle of the ski) during the ordering process.

Are you unsure which mounting point is right for you? Our employees and customer service will be happy to advise you!

If you didn't buy your skis from us, we'll be happy to mount your bindings for a small fee.

Prices are as follows:



Conversion incl. IAS adjustment - shoe does not fit
€ 30
Conversion incl. IAS adjustment – ​​shoe fits € 15
Mounting of 3rd-party skis & bindings including IAS adjustment
€ 60

We offer the mounting service in all of our three stores:

> store Penzberg

> store Garmisch-Partenkirchen

> store Wielenbach

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