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At Elan, in the heart of the Slovenian Alps, skis of the highest quality have been made by hand for over 75 years. And although the world is changing fast, Elan has remained true to its vision since 1945: to produce the best skis so that friends, family and as many people as possible can enjoy the skiing lifestyle.


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Elan is one of the prime examples that showcase how innovation and a long corporate history can go hand in hand. Elan is constantly evolving. High-quality skis, clothing, and accessories form the extensive product portfolio of the brand. Elan supports beginners and slope professionals alike. Whether it's freeriding, racing, or touring, Elan has the right products for every skiing discipline and skill level.


Sustainability is a true matter of the heart for Elan. The company states on its website: "The places where we ski are close to our hearts, and we want to do everything to protect them and preserve them for future generations." That's not just empty words but a commitment that is lived out.

For Elan, the connection between people and nature is so unique that the company sees this deep bond as part of its own DNA. Life and nature are irrevocably intertwined.

To maintain this natural connection, Elan strives to produce its products as sustainably and resource-efficiently as possible. For Elan, this mission begins with the sourcing of resources. It's not difficult to understand why Elan can be described as a true "Wir denken um" brand because of this commitment.


In 1945, Rudi Finžgar, along with nine other visionaries, founded the company Elan. The goal was to provide every skier around the world with an unforgettable skiing experience. Rudi Finžgar was always positive-minded, and his visions are likely the reason why innovations were never lacking in the factory in Begunje, Slovenia.

While in the 1950s, Elan initially sent 500 pairs of alpine skis to New York, the company is now represented on five continents and is therefore globally successful. What began with a love for skiing expanded into many other areas of sports in the 1960s, allowing Elan to quickly offer a wide range of products.

In addition to skis, Elan produced small sailboats and boats, table tennis equipment, backpacks, sports jackets, and more. Nowadays, Elan has returned to its roots and primarily produces skis, ski equipment, and clothing for winter sports.


Slovenia is considered a stronghold of skiing. And it is precisely here, amidst untouched nature, that Elan was born. The passion for innovation has made Elan a company that places sustainability at the center of its actions. Every product bearing the Elan name is a guarantee of enduring quality and a commitment to ecological sustainability. Designed, developed, handcrafted, and tested, everything happens in one place: in Begunje.

Elan pays close attention to the origin of its raw materials: 99% come from the European Union, with almost 70% sourced from within a radius of 400 km around the factory. This creates short supply chains and reduces Elan's CO2 footprint. In the past, skis were exclusively made from wood sourced from local forests. Today, the wood still comes from sustainable forestry with controlled origin and traceability.

Elan is working on various measures for increased sustainability because the company aims to lead by example as a global provider. Therefore, it evaluates every aspect of its activities. Elan makes decisions and implements changes that contribute to environmental and social sustainability.


Whether on groomed slopes or in the backcountry, with Elan skis, you're prepared for any descent. Elan's high-quality and innovative skis provide you with maximum support exactly when you need it. Whether for men, women, or children, Elan offers the right products for ski beginners and professionals alike. Because the Elan brand has the right skis for every skill level, ensuring strength and stability, whether it's your first time or your hundredth time on skis.

The Wingman series by Elan ensures the best performance during your freeride adventures. The laminated wood core with carbon rods and a mono-ti construction provides maximum stability, improved edge grip, and thus better responsiveness and performance.

The Ripstick touring ski series is a lightweight ski that can master steep slopes and uneven terrain alike.

The Amphibio Carbon Line technology ensures more stable inner edges and thus precise handling. Then there's the Primetime series, which forgives riding errors and thus ensures maximum safety. This multi-talented ski is not only agile but also provides more control and an intuitive riding experience through the PowerMatch technology.

For the youngest skiers, Elan has also introduced a special ski line. The all-mountain skis with the award-winning U-Flex technology ensure that the children's ski models have an optimal, soft flex. This facilitates the learning process and optimizes power transfer, allowing children to experience the uniqueness of carving from their very first turn.

Thanks to Elan's innovative technologies, the brand has developed skis that not only provide a unique experience but also look great. Because even in terms of design, Elan leads the way. Timeless, modern, subtle, or vibrant - Elan produces skis that not only exhibit outstanding functionality but also stand out on every slope.

Skiwear and Accessories

In addition to high-quality skis, Elan also offers a wide range of ski clothing and accessories. From bindings to boots, bags, goggles, and of course ski pants and jackets: Elan produces everything a winter sports enthusiast desires. This means you can outfit yourself from head to toe with Elan and rely on the brand to support you comprehensively.


The company Elan stands for quality, sustainability, and success. The enthusiasm for the Elan brand has not waned despite its long corporate history, and even today, the brand's skis remain highly sought after. Regardless of level, gender, or age, Elan offers skis, clothing, and accessories that promise the best results and look great too. For more top brands and high-quality products, browse the Sport Conrad online shop and find everything you need for a successful winter sports season.

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