Backpack Guide: How to pack the right way

You’ve got your route planned. The checklist for packing is completed. Now you have one more thing to do: to finish your preparation for the most epic tour: but, how should I ever fit all my necessities into one backpack? To avoid a stressful packing-chaos you should follow just one rule: ‘’Less is more’’ because even a little too much on top can decide how relaxed or tired your evening will become. With a well-fitting backpack and the appropriate packing-technique your hiking is going to end up as a successful, relaxing and adventurous trip without unnecessary back pain.



Heavy objects such as hydro-bags should be located safely in the general area, close to your back, just somewhere between your hips and shoulders. You will have most of the weight close to your body, and it won’t be pulling you backward while wearing your backpack for a longer period of time. Things of medium weight, such as clothing or food might as well be stored in the core part of your bag.

Many backpacks are already designed with a bottom part which is suited especially for sleeping bags or insulation mats. This part is also often used for stashing your wet clothes. More important is that you fill in this space evenly, so your backpack will remain as stable as possible. The side and front compartments are generally great for small and light accessories like gaiters, power bars or a rain jacket. All the things that you need should be easily and fast to access. Small necessities such as – wallet, headlamp or first-aid kit   are best to store in the top compartment.



  • If you run out of space in your back you can attach light items onto the outside of your backpack.
  • Ultra-light products are much lighter and usually smaller and easier to store as well.
  • Pack sacks are super handy, especially in unstable weather conditions; they keep your wet clothes away from all the dry ones, and the other side around: your dry clothes from getting whet in case of rain or a hydro-bag accident.
  • Put your hydro-bag as close to your back as possible to keep the weight bearable and still.
  • Keep in mind: Alpine tours in steep terrain will change your centre of gravity.






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