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Two hikers in CMP clothing sit on a mountain and look into a field of fog.

CMP's slogan says: REAL people. REAL products. The Italian spirit and Southern way of life have been dominating for three generations and nine CMP product lines. 

Two hikers in CMP clothing sit on a mountain and look into a field of fog.

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More about CMP

CMP´s range consists of, more or less, interchangeable product lines for skiers, or winter sports in general, for daily outdoor adventures, and everyday life in the city or countryside. Thus, CMP dresses the entire family from head to toe – all year ´round.

A short introduction

50 years ago, Maria Disegna, along with her five sons, laid the cornerstone for this successful company, dubbed F.Ili Campagnolo. They all love their job. Inspiration in nature and many activities in fresh air evoke the kind of creative work to deliver high-performance results. CMP is a leading brand in the fashion industry and offers high-quality and functional products to affordable prices. There is a lot of energetic input into the tradition of manufacturing, research and technical development. The apparel is crafted in Northern Italy, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Key components of quality

A special focus lies on the company- and brand-own fleece. It is self-manufactured in multiple variations and has been carrying the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label for more than 20 years.

- Softech features carbon equipment and is especially lightweight and elastic
- Arctic Fleece is available in various weight classes
- Stretch-Performance is lightweight and very elastic
- Grid Tech is thin and breathable, due to its mesh effect
- High-Loft is extremely cozy and warm
- Knit-Tech iis a special textile mixture and exceptionally warmth-insulating

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 guarantees that the products do not feature any substances which might be poisonous to humans or environmentally hazardous.

CMP´s product lines feature a plethora of technologies and innovations and are marketed accordingly. Just to list a few, among CMP´s features are: Clima Protect, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Dry Function, Teflon, Wooltech, Primaloft, 3M™ Thinsulate ™ Platinum Insulation, 3M™ Thinsulate™, Featherless Insulation and Dupont Sorona®. For more in-depth information on their functional technologies, please visit the official CMP website. 

Softshell, with its wind- and water-resistant characteristics, is a quality which is harbored in every line – no matter if as a softshell jacket, coat, or pants. A water depth of 7.000 makes your item fully outdoor-suitable. Softshell is elastic, breathable, super-comfy, and agile

CMP likes to build the products according to a layer-system. There is a base-layer, optimally absorbing sweat. Above, there is a mid-layer which makes sure that your body´s temperature maintains the same level. The top consists of the outer-layer which serves as the weather-proof shield. Thus, a perfect level of body temperature is guaranteed. Of course, there is also enough room to enhance this functional layer-system by integrating a warming down quality or the 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation. The latter of which may feel like down, however, according to the manufacturer it gives you 1.5-times the warmth of downs – at the same thickness. Furthermore, this material is breathable and moisture-resistant. 

No matter the moment, the activity, or the wather – CMP is always ready to equip the entire family with awesome gear!