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The brand Arc'teryx is continually striving to discover new horizons in the development of materials, manufacturing technologies and designs of functional outdoor clothing for women and men.  

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Explore the beauty of earth under most demanding conditions with Arc'teryx

The company Arc´teryx was founded in 1989. The name Arc'teryx originates from the Archaeopteryx Lithographica. A creature from the Jurassic period, which was an excellent climber and the first reptile to develop feathers for flight, freeing itself from the constraints of the horizontal world.

The mountaineering clothing from Arc'teryx is designed to withstand difficult natural conditions and to protect the athletes from wind and weather (especially ice and coldness on the mountain). Therefore, the Canadian company only uses top-quality materials as well as the most innovative technologies. In general, the jackets, vests, pants and shorts are extremely durable, waterproof, windproof and breathable; always depending on the application. On particularly cold days, the down jackets and vests of the Cerium collection also keep you warm and as they are incredibly light and packable, they can be easily stowed in your backpack. The sporty accessories such as the beanies of the Bird line and the functional gloves as well as the fleece jackets are also particularly popular on cold winter days.

In order to find the ideal equipment more easily, the product names of ski, trekking and climbing clothing, and even the ones of shoes, include certain abbreviations that refer to the different application areas. For example, in the product names of the Cerium down collection or the Atomic insulation jackets and Gamma hiking trousers, you can often find a LT, standing for "light weight", or even a SL, standing for "superlight". These garments are characterized by very high functionality, minimalistic but optimized features and very low weight and pack size. The Alpha or Beta Hardshell jackets but also shirts or hoodies are often characterized by AR, standing for "Allround", which indicates a versatile application area and numerous functions. Ski touring pants, however, are often characterized by light, functional and flexible material, which is indicated by FL, standing for "Fast & Light".


Like many other manufacturers of outdoor clothing and equipment, environmental protection is an important part of Arc'teryx’s corporate strategy. Particular attention is paid to the ecological balance and the composition of the various products of the Canadian brand. In this context, the product life plays an important role. Arc'teryx has set itself the goal of "producing the best and most durable outdoor equipment in the world". This is the main reason why the company relies on such extraordinarily durable materials and timeless design. In addition, Arc'teryx offers a comprehensive guarantee and repair service and thus maintains its products in the long run.

Arc'teryx is equally active when it comes to social responsibility. Together with a team of volunteers, the company manages to sew around 700 capes per year by using the material of discontinued models. These are then distributed to the homeless in Vancouver, in order to equip people in need with all-weather clothing. In addition, the outdoor company is partnering with local organizations to support projects related to environmental protection and the development of recreational areas.