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Tubbs was founded in 1906 in Norway, Maine. The company produces high-quality and versatile snow shoes for men, women, and children.
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Ever since the time of Admiral Byrd´s famous Antarctica expedition all the way to modern-day explorers, Tubbs has been producing snow shoes for all kinds of demands. And with more than 25 approved and pending patents, Tubbs continues to dominate the market in the realm of innovative and efficient snow shoes.

Since its inception in 1906, Tubbs has been climbing the ladder. The company´s founder, Walter F. Tubbs, advertised to craft snow shoes for any occasion. Back then, the shoes were exclusively made of white ash. As soon as 1915, the demand had already soared and the corporation started to grow heavily. At that point, Tubbs already produced more than 50.000 pairs of snow shoes every year for the British government. A few years later, Tubbs experienced a pivotal moment: the creation of the first and exceptionally lightweight snow shoe made of aluminum.

Additionally, Tubbs is the first brand to manufacture special women´s snow shoes. Having done so since 1998, Tubbs considers the differing demands and expectations of each gender. Only one year thereafter, the Tubbscout for kids was introduced, which is supposed to make the juniors get excited about outdoor sports. Tubbs also accepts the responsibility toward the less fortunate: in 2013, Tubbs organized the premiere edition of the Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Event. The gist of which was to collect money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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This way, more than 1.8 million US Dollars have already been raised.©Photo by bauses.atMeanwhile, the company is looking back at a rich, over a century-long tradition and the according experience. Still, the company´s philosophy stays the same. First and foremost, Tubbs is all about igniting excitement in people for snow shoe related activities and bring them closer to nature in the process. After all, Tubbs endows people the opportunity to experience adventures in the world of the white miracle called snow. This is why, alongside its shoes, the brand also crafts bags and trekking accessories. This allows you to bring your snow shoes along, anywhere you want.


Of course, there are different disciplines when it comes to snow shoe activities: day hiking, trail walking, and backcountry. Whatever your plans may be, Tubbs has the according snow shoes for you. Concerning backcountry, you won´t follow a paved track rather than your very own intuition. In that case, you should consider the Flex Alp 24. If you want to experience a contrary activity, trail walking is the thing for you. This category is recommended for beginners and rather insecure snow shoe hikers. If you like the third discipline, day hiking, you should take a closer look at the Flex RDG 24. Most people carry a backpack while day hiking. This makes sure that you are equipped with whatever you need during your adventure.

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For one, Tubbs has become part of the K2 Sports family . Also, there are various Tubbs ambassadors who share their experience and excitement for snow shoe activities. Among these are, however, not only individuals, but also entire families. After all, one of Tubbs´s aims is to celebrate snow shoe activities as an experience that can be shared with the entire family. For example, there are Elisa and Matt with Holden and Reid, their two kids, who share their travelling experiences with us. They love nature and participate in all kinds of outdoor activities all around the globe.


Of course, Tubbs is well aware of its responsibility toward nature, especially due to being a snow shoe manufacturer. Naturally, it is the corporation´s goal to keep the sport running and to further spread it. However, this will only be possible if there continues to be snow. This is why Tubbs wholeheartedly engages in environmental preservation. But, Tubbs also seriously cares about people. This is why fair and safe work conditions are one of Tubbs´s core concepts. In order to realize all of these aims, the company donates to a bulk of organizations, among which are Susan G. Komen, the American Hiking Society, and the Mary Bridge children´s hospital, only to name a few.

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