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Sophisticated, sporty fashion for people who see life as an adventure. This is Dolomite today. But this image did not develop overnight, but rather at lofty heights under extreme conditions.
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More about Dolomite


It all started in 1897 with a passion for shoes, but not just any shoes! But for a good shoe that carries people through life. In Treviso, Italy, Giuseppe Garbuio, only 17 years old, opened the Fabbrica Scarpe Montello, where he produced robust work shoes. Soon innovation followed innovation: Dolomite produced the first full leather ski boots, in 1939 the first perfectly fitting boots for solid bindings and in 1969 the first plastic ski boots. Well-known sportsmen such as Pierino Gros and Peter Groß rode towards their victories on these boots. The secret of their success? Dolomite.


Dolomite has accompanied some of the greatest adventurers of our time and the milestones in the history of expeditions have also become milestones of Dolomite. Their highly functional products were the most advanced products available on the market in the 50's and perfectly suited for extreme conditions. To climb the famous K2, the second highest mountain on earth in the Karakorum Mountains, an Italian mountaineering team had handmade fur boots from Dolomite in their luggage. After a dangerous ascent over the south-east ridge (Abruzzo spur), the big day had come on July 31, 1954: Lacedelli and Compagnoni were the first people to reach the summit of K2 - the "mountain of mountains"!

Thanks to their extravagant look, the Fell boots soon conquered the fashion Olympus and, with their vintage expedition look, were a coveted luxury fashion item for many years. After this successful expedition, Dolomite also attracted the attention of others as a supplier. Perfectly insulating down jackets soon protected a Swiss expedition in 1960 when they climbed Dhaulagiri in the Himalayas, as well as an expedition to Mount Everest led by the American Norman Dyrenfurth.

In 1966 it got really cold: the Club Alpino Italiano of Carate Brianza and Gruppo Ragni of Lecco organised an expedition to Greenland up to the 71st latitude. Down jackets with fur from Dolomite warmed the men there at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees. From Greenland to Patagonia: The Argentinean mountain Fitz Roy, at 3405 metres, is certainly not the highest, but one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Unstable weather conditions, strong winds and routes from the sixth degree of difficulty make reliable equipment indispensable. This is why the expedition participants decided to go for Dolomite in 1976.


In the 80's Dolomite concentrated more and more on the fashion sector and presented for the first time in Italy a complete and very successful, modern outdoor and sportswear collection. The down jackets quickly became a cult. Today, in addition to the outdoor products, Dolomite has its own lifestyle line, whose styles are fashionably inspired and designed for the urban lifestyle. The adventure spirit of the expeditions from the brand's beginnings has been revived and is reflected in the products from the Fall/Winter 2019 collection onwards. Some are named after the mountains or mountain ranges, such as "Fitz Roy Jacket" or "Karakorum Jacket". Lovingly designed patches and other details tell the adventure stories and pick up the destination of the expedition or the nationality of the adventurers.

In 2015, the Swiss sportswear manufacturer Scott Sports with US roots took over the brand as owner. The headquarters, however, remained in Italy. Dolomite is the success story of a brand that builds on a unique heritage and has had a decisive influence on both sport and fashion with new impulses. Dolomite was and is a desirable brand with Italian flair.