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Service: 2D foot measurement

The human foot is an evolutionary masterpiece. It contains more sensory cells than the face. It supports us, provides mobility and balance. We use it every day, in tight climbing shoes, rugged mountain boots or hard ski boots.

Our feet deserve one thing more than anything else: a perfect fit! No pressure points, no sore spots, no pain. Sidas' smart Feetbox EVO scanning technology helps you find the perfect shoe, whether you want a ski boot, touring boot, running shoe, outdoor shoe or casual shoe.

How the foot scanner works


This new software is called "shooIQ" by corpus.e. It is a high tech scanner that measures, biomechanically scans and digitises your feet with millimetre precision in a matter of seconds. Over 600,000 feet have already been measured with shooIQ - that's over half a million happy customers with the right pair of shoes.


We use this high-tech device in all our stores and since its introduction we have been able to provide many enthusiastic mountaineers and outdoor sportsmen with the best advice and a perfectly fitting shoe. In our stores in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Penzberg and Wielenbach you can have your foot scanned in the running and outdoor department or in the ski boot department in winter. Free of charge, without an appointment and in just a few minutes, we can digitise your foot measurements and find the perfect ski, hiking or running shoe for you.

FEETBOX EVO: Collect customer data

First, we collect your customer data. Don't worry - this is not data for advertising purposes, but only for precise analysis. Information such as name, weight, height and email address is stored in the system and can be retrieved at any time. We can also email you your analysis results quickly and easily.

Foot scan

The base of the SIDAS Feetbox EVO has a built-in pressure plate. It measures your exact position and foot support. A camera films your feet and legs, recording all positions and data. The precise results show your exact foot width, foot length, arch and pressure distribution on the sole of your foot.

This print is coloured so you can see immediately where your foot muscles can benefit from a foot orthosis. This still image of the footprint can also be analysed in live animation.

Shoe recommendation

Based on analysed data about the shape, structure and pressure points of your foot, the system filters all suitable shoes. Depending on the type of shoe you are looking for, such as ski boots, running shoes, indoor and fitness shoes, trail running shoes or mountain shoes, you will be shown all possible models. The selection of shoes can also be filtered by certain criteria. For ski boots, for example, you can distinguish between beginners and advanced skiers based on their technical ability. The system also analyses the liner and shell of the ski boot and calculates the accuracy of the fit. The system's automatic boot recommendation makes it easier for you to find a comfortable boot.

The advantages

The Foot Scanner has many advantages: It saves you the hassle of putting on and taking off by making a more targeted selection, and it calculates and stores your exact data to provide good, quick advice for future purchases. Children's feet from size 26 can also be measured with the Feetbox EVO. The foot scanner is a comfortable, hygienic and quick way to find the right shoe.

And not to forget: A perfectly fitting shoe will ultimately offer a very high level of comfort and therefore fun in all activities! When buying a sports shoe, it is also a good idea to have it fitted to your individual foot. The right sports socks are definitely important for this - a sports shoe will simply fit better with them. A cushioning custom insole will take the pressure off your foot during exercise, so you can keep going longer and prevent injuries. 

With ski boots, pressure points are eliminated right from the start by doing a boot fitting. Come in and let us advise you. Our experienced staff in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Penzberg and Wielenbach look forward to seeing you!

We offer our 2d foot scan in the following stores

> store Penzberg

> store Garmisch-Partenkirchen

> store Wielenbach

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