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Cross country skiing is divided into three basic disciplines: classic, skating and backcountry. Now there is another one: the classic no-wax skin ski style. They all differ in various factors, such as the movement of your body, the landscape where you’re doing your sport and of course the equipment! To learn more about each of the cross country styles visit our Cross Country Skiing Guide – Styles. In this guide, you can find some general tips about different nordic skiing techniques, characteristics of the trails and a short overview of the equipment.

If you would like to get more information about the various specifications of your equipment, which is very different for each discipline, have a look into our cross country skiing equipment guides for the classic style, skating stylebackcountry style and classic no-wax skin ski style.  




What is the right length of your cross-country skis? Well it is not as easy as with alpine or touring skis. There are four main factors determening the length: your weight, your height, the discipline you are planning to do (classic, skating, backcountry) and also the manufacturer. There is no rule of thumb, similar to alpine skis such as longer skis for more advanced skiers.

There are two leading binding systems on the market which are not compatible: SNS and NNN. Therefore, you have to make sure the boot or rather sole matches the binding system of your choice.

We advise you to always consult the length of your cross-country skis with a knowledgeable cross country salesperson or to contact the manufacturer directly. The easiest way: stop by at one of our four shops in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Penzberg, Murnau or Wielenbach to get excellent service and consulting on the topic of nordic skiing.



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