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S/LAB, by Salomon, has specialized in pushing the limits. After all, there are no limits in nature. S/LAB´s high-end products make any challenge, such as ultra-trails, trail running, ski touring or speed skating, a joy for everybody

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More about S/LAB

New challenges and the way to success

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to accomplish your first ultra-trail, such as the Zugspitz UltraTrail, reach the finish line of an ultra-marathon or simply let it rip? With the newly developed Salomon S/LAB line, you´re already on the right track.

Salomon has a vision: to push the limit – in general as well as your very own. The products specifically aim at the body weight, breathability, freedom of motion and recovery. Accomplishing an ultra-trail is fairly demanding. Which shoe, which functional clothing and what other kind of features do you need? Our trail-running rule book will help you to optimally prepare!

It´s the S/LAB vision to unite low weight with maximal performance. Sports icons, such as trail-running legend Kilian Jornet, are helpful in this process. Every product is loaded with his experiences. After all, every single gram or inch could make the difference.


Here´s something new for the perfect training session

In 2019, Salomon´s S/LAB features a couple of novelties. The NSO line of clothing, featuring pants, shirts, and jackets, results in the reduction of fatigue, meaning that you recover a lot quicker. The special mixture of minerals and metallic fabrics, which works with your body´s infrared energy, is the secret here. Due to the reflection of your body´s energy to your tissue, the equilibrium of your cells improves alongside your tonicity. Specially mounted trigger points in the clothing activate this flow of energy, depending on the gender. Furthermore, the advantage of running apparel is that it is lightweight, quick-drying and odor-repellent.

S/LAB trail-running shoes are developed with the help of world class ultra-trail athletes. Like the S/LAB Ultra, which was created in 2018 with the help of Frenchman Francois D´haene. Just the right damping on uneven terrain, a ludicrously low weight, comfort and balance for flawless motion, and a precise fit support your feet perfectly, so that you can master any long distance. 

Features, such as running backpacks, running socks with and without compression, running poles and caps are also extremely important!

Salomon´s proven running vests, like the S/LAB Sense Ultra, are minimalistic, well-balanced, and extremely efficient in terms of stowing away your equipment. Everything fits tightly and you are sure to experience a maximum freedom of motion. The running vests are available in various sizes, such as 2, 5 or 8 liters.

Your goal - your way - your success

If you want to really live your vision, you need the right equipment. Salomon´s S/LAB can optimally support you, no matter if clothing, shoes, or running backpacks: it brings you closer to your goal. Can you already imagine yourself crossing the finish line? Well, then what are you waiting for?