Demanding - Activating - Enjoyable: CEP gets athletes to activate their potential and offers them products for the whole body - with and without compression. Demanding recreational athletes as well as high-performance athletes enjoy sports even more with CEP. The products activate and support a variety of endogenous functions through physical pressure on the skin - during exercise and during regeneration afterwards.
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More about CEP

CEP´s origins

CEP is a manufacturer of activating compression clothing in sports and a brand of the company medi. The foundation stone for the internationally successful company medi was laid in 1951. In 2007, CEP started with the production of highly of high-tech compression socks and since then has benefited from the medical medical expertise of the parent company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical compression products. In the meantime, the CEP premium brand now includes socks, tights, pants, and shirts for running, training, hiking, skiing, and other activities. running, training, hiking, skiing and many more.

What is CEP´s promise?

Highest quality combined with unique technology. Through the targeted use of compression, blood circulation is improved and lactate is broken down more quickly. CEP's goal is to offer the right product for every athlete, perfectly combining performance and health. All products are individually developed for the respective sport in cooperation with recognized scientists, sports physicians, professional athletes and designers and produced according to the highest German quality standards. Made by medi - Over 65 years of experience and production in Germany guarantee the highest quality.

What is CEP´s definition of quality?

CEP favors an innovative circular knitting process – a 7 yarn-construction, where a special compression-thread is included in every loop, where there is a constant level of pressure, and, in the end, where every sock has to pass 27 tests before it can be released. 10km of yarn per sock – this is what CEP´s short movie says.

What is the effect of compression?

Sportswear from CEP activates and supports a variety of the body's own functions through physical pressure on the skin - during exercise and during regeneration afterwards. The precisely defined pressure profile decreases from the bottom to the top and thus supports blood circulation.


Circulation-promoting pressure profile
for a constant feeling of freshness on the leg, as well as strong, light legs thanks to optimal supply of valuable nutrients

Optimal stabilization
Muscles stimulated by gentle pressure Rapid regeneration Increased removal of waste products ensures active regeneration during exertion & rapid recovery after exertion

Wearing comfort
The anatomical fit and the high-quality material mix ensure maximum wearing comfort and prevent annoying slipping, blistering and pressure points

What does CEP offer?

CEP´s range in the realm of running includes socks, like short sneaker-socks, short socks, regular socks, and knee socks all the way to sleeves. The demands for a skiing sock, of course, differ from that of a ski touring sock. There is a categorization of different clima-zones, like Best Clima, Cool Clima, Warm Clima, and Thermal Clima. So, there is the right gear for everyone and every possible condition. Also, CEP engages in clothing and functional clothing as well. So, stay motivated. After all, CEP´s great products leave you no other choice.