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Scott innovation, technology and design: Cyclists, runners and skiers alike are excited about these, but Scott has gone a step further to also inspire them with the sustainability of its products.

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Scott stands for high-quality sports articles and clothing in various areas of the sports world. Whether on the mountain or in the valley, whatever your mission is, Scott Sports supports you. From bikes to ski pants, Scott's extensive range of products provides you with the right support in every sporting situation.

Why is Scott a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The Scott brand has managed to build a broad product portfolio. From winter sports to running to motor sports, the brand develops high-quality products for enthusiastic athletes from a variety of disciplines. In doing so, Scott also keeps an eye on sustainability. In order to better live up to its corporate responsibility, Scott has launched the Re-Source by Scott program. The program is based on the three pillars of people, product and planet. For this reason, the company can also be described as a WIR DENKEN UM brand. In addition to the Re-Source program, Scott is a responsible brand in the following ways.

• The company is committed to taking responsibility
throughout the supply chain
• Scott promotes fair working conditions and conducts
own audits of production facilities
• The company is a member of the European
Outdoor Group and a signatory to the EOG Sustainability Charter.


The roots of Scott go back to the talented engineer and ski racer Ed Scott from beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho. In the '50s, he invented the first narrow aluminum ski pole. This revolutionary invention quickly made Scott a leading brand in the ski industry.

In the '70s, Scott also found its place in the motorsports industry, producing motorcross goggles, boots, handlebars and other accessories for the sport. At the end of the 1980s, Scott developed the first aerodynamic handlebars, which helped American Greg Lemond win the Tour de France in 1989. In the decades that followed, Scott expanded into other sports, producing sports equipment for winter athletes, cycling apparel for passionate cyclists, running shoes, and much more. In the meantime, the successful Scott brand has a foothold in almost every type of sport and has become a trusted manufacturer for a wide range of athletes. In the decades that followed, Scott expanded into other sports and produced sports equipment for winter athletes, cycling clothing for passionate cyclists, running shoes and much more.


"No Shortcuts" means that Scott is uncompromising and consistent in doing what the company believes to be the only right thing: "Our goal is to maximize the sustainability of our products while maintaining the high level of performance through innovation, technology and design. In order to be able to better manage its commitment to sustainability, Scott has launched the Re-Source program. As previously described, the program is based on three pillars: People, Product and Planet.

Re-Source by Scott is not only the name of the company's sustainability program, but also a label. In order to receive this label, products must meet strict requirements regarding the sustainability of materials. A product must consist of either at least 50 percent recycled material or 100 percent certified renewable materials. In addition, the product must not contain PFC-based durable water repellents. Using these carefully selected and verified criteria, manufacturers' products can be quickly assessed for sustainability. As a result, users of Scott products can be confident that they have been manufactured in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner.


Scott's product range is broadly diversified, encompassing winter sports, running, cycling and motorcycling. The brand is probably best known for its innovative mountain bikes and high-quality racing bikes. Accessories such as cycling shorts, jerseys and backpacks are also very popular.

Scott Sports has also been very successful in the development of a comprehensive product range in the winter sports sector. This ranges from skis for the most diverse areas and levels to ski boots, poles, protectors, avalanche airbags, glasses and feathers. Every year the company surprises with new, ingenious and functional solutions. The excellent price-performance ratio of Scott's ski and bike clothing is particularly pleasing. The manufacturer not only brings high-quality sports articles with innovative as well as sustainable ideas onto the market, but also ensures through affordable prices that many athletes can benefit from the products.

In addition, Scott is expanding its commitment to the ski touring and freeride sectors. In addition, the manufacturer is also increasingly active in the field of running and trail running. This not only opens up new markets for Scott, but also provides runners and ski mountaineers with high-quality products for their favorite sports.

Whether you are an avid cyclist, a mountain biker, or a winter sports enthusiast, Scott Sports has developed the right clothing for you. The wide range of apparel includes jackets, pants, vests, mid-layers, baselayers, gloves and accessories. In addition, the four core segments Scott Bike, Scott Wintersports, Scott Running and Scott Motorsports offer a full range of equipment such as helmets, glasses, protectors, backpacks and bags.


When it comes to bikes, Scott has made a name for itself. The company has long since moved beyond the classic mountain bike and established itself in the bike scene. In the meantime, various bikes such as road bikes, e-bikes, trekking bikes, cyclocross bikes and city bikes are part of the Scott range.

Of course, they also have their own pro team, whose team manager is one of the most famous and successful mountain bikers ever: Thomas Frischknecht. He and his team are responsible for ensuring that the experience of the seasoned pros flows directly into the collections. This means top performance and constant development. In doing so, the company not only focuses on the functionality of the various bikes, but also impresses with its looks, as the Scott bike collection proves. The Addict eRide, the lightest e-bike on the market to date, is just one example of Scott's commitment to innovation.


One of the hottest topics in outdoor sports at the moment is running and trail running. Mountain races such as the Zugspitze Ultratrail or the Zugspitze Trailrun Challenge, both sponsored by Sport Conrad, are all the rage in the Alps right now. And Scott is one of the leading suppliers when it comes to ultra-light and ultra-functional equipment. From running belts and trail running poles to the right shoes and running apparel, everything is tailored to the needs of the sky riders. And as befits a young, trendy sport, the styles and colors are fresh and trendy.


Scott's touring and freeride segment is an important pillar with growing popularity. One of the most important protagonists is Scott pro rider Jeremy Heitz. The Freeride World Tour participant caused quite a stir with his steep-water project "La Liste". The clip was even part of the European Outdoor Film Tour 2016 and showed him on the steepest and most spectacular cliff runs in the Alps. Not least with actions like these, Scott has made a name for himself in the scene and further promoted his ski range.

Meanwhile, the Scott ski range has grown to three lines. For touring skiers, there are the Scott Superguide and Cascade collections. These start with a moderate waist width of 88 mm and go up to a modern, powder-oriented waist width of 110 mm. The all-mountain skis in the Punisher series are in the same segment. And with the Speedguide, there is also an ascent-oriented race version as a spin-off.


What began with Ed Scott and his invention is now a major brand whose name stands for high-quality products and reliability on any terrain. E-bikes, mountain bikes, skis and ski poles, motorsports or running - with Scott you are ready for any adventure. Your equipment is not yet complete? Then discover the world of Sport Conrad and find exactly the items and models you need in our extensive online shop.