Tecnica - Recycle your boots

Tecnica launches the Recycle Your Boots project that makes a circular economy the new business model for the ski industry.  

Plastic waste is a huge problem for our planet. The world’s largest plastic waste dumpsites literally form a seventh continent. When old ski boots reach the end of their life cycle, at best they land on rubbish dumps or are burnt in waste-to-energy plants. Tecnica, the leading international ski boot manufacturer based in Italy, is now launching the Recycle Your Boots initiative.

The circular economy project aims to contribute to protecting the planet by recycling used ski boots into secondary raw material, saving resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

“The idea is pretty simple.” – explains Maurizio Priano, marketing and brand manager Blizzard-Tecnica – “We make it possible for any skier who wants a new pair of Tecnica ski boots to return their old ones – from any brand. Tecnica will then recycle the old pair in a transparent and sustainable process.”

From 15.10. you have the opportunity to hand in your old ski boot and return it to the Tecnica recycling system. In this way, you too can make a small contribution to a cleaner environment. You also have the option of using the return sticker and the box to send us your old ski boots by post when you buy a new Tecnica ski boot online.

simple idea - complex process

In reality, the simple idea behind the Recycle Your Boots project is based on a complex and innovative process. To collect, transport and recycle old plastic ski boots into reusable secondary raw materials, Tecnica has set up a sophisticated system that combines craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise with support from academic research institutes to predict, monitor and measure the effectiveness of the project. However, the most critical element will be mobilizing the skiing community, its retailers and consumers. “Recycle Your Boots is more than just a recycling project, it’s a new business model.” – asserts Giorgio Grandin, head of innovation Tecnica Group – “For the first time, we are not simply creating and selling a product, but setting up a fully-integrated sustainable process: production, transport, consumer use and recycling.”  

The old ski boots will be collected by retailers, and transported in smart batches to reduce emissions. The Italian company Fecam will remove the liners and dismantle each boot to separate the plastic and metal components. All parts are then transported to the nearby Laprima Plastics plant and transformed into secondary raw materials, such as plastic granules and recovered aluminium, ready to be recast and reused in industrial production. In addition, the liners are shredded to make new padding. “Tecnica’s goal is to enable people to live their passion for mountain sports and enjoy every single moment of skiing.” – continues Maurizio Priano – “If we want this to happen also in the future we must all play our part in defending our playground and supporting our community. The Recycle Your Boots project will reduce the skiing industry’s footprint, while supporting the local mountain economy by driving traffic to retailers.”