Alpride is a Swiss company founded in 2009 by the engineer Marc-Antonie Schaer. His idea was to design lightweight and robust avalanche airbags. The starting point is the use of cartridge type lifejackets, which is a technology that has proven to work for decades.

Quality at all levels 

From conception, the products are designed and realized by integrating the highest quality criteria of the industry. The safety products are subject to quality criteria as strict as in the aeronautical or medical fields.

Alpride is a technological leader in the field of 3D design systems and digital simulations for the construction of products and guarantees the traceability and perfect quality of its products.

The E1-System

The new Alpride E1 is a fully electronic avalanche airbag. It is equipped with super capacitor technology, which replaces the lithium-ion battery. This technology makes it one of the lightest electronic systems on the market to date.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, these supercapacitors can store electrical energy without any chemical reaction, which means that extreme temperatures cannot harm them. They can therefore provide the same performance from -30 °C to +40 °C.

They can also be re-charged in just 40 minutes with two AA batteries, or in just 20 minutes via a micro-USB port. This means that the airbag can be inflated as often as you like for practice, without high costs of recharging or changing cartridges.

Since supercapacitors are passive electronic elements, there are no restrictions on transport, shipping or storage.

The E1-System is 1280 gr lighter than any other electronic system on the market and only 150 gr heavier than the Alpride 2.0 airbag system, making it one of the lightest electronic airbag systems currently available.

Thanks to the two AA batteries, the E1 airbag can be used for 3 months without inspection and without having to worry about recharging.

Whenever the system is switched on, the electronics perform a self-test and check the function of over 15 components of the E1-System. LEDs, which can be seen from the outside of the backpack, indicate the status and the charge level.

The 2.0 System

The Alpride 2.0 System is a purely mechanical system with gas cartridges and, with only 1.7 liters of useful volume in the backpack, one of the lightest and most compact airbags currently on the market.

It incorporates a new compact and powerful custom-made impact spring using aerospace capabilities and materials. The 2.0 System is of course certified according to the new standard DIN EN 16716: 2017.

A new 210D Oxford HD nylon fabric has also been developed, which is extremely durable, very light and very compact.

The new 2.0 handle is height-adjustable, has a soft grip integrated into the shoulder strap and can be easily gripped with both hands in an emergency. 


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