Back Country Access – well, the name says it all. This brand´s goal is to provide products which give you access to the backcountry with as much safety as possible.  

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More about BCA

BCA - The most trusted name in backcountry safety

BCA was founded in Colorado and offers a variety of equipment from shovel and probe, to avalanche transceivers and avalanche backpacks, as well as a bunch of other tools and accessories for winter sports. BCA first released their first beacon, the Tracker DTS, in 1997. At that time, this avalanche transceiver became quite a success. It was reliable and very easy to use, even in the most stressful situations. This reliability and ease of use carried on into today. BCA then further developed their tracker into Tracker 2 and Tracker 3. Both being equipped with 3 antennas, as is today’s standard. Especially the Tacker 3 offers a great ease of use as the display is kept in a minimalistic way, only giving you the information you actually need when you need it.

BCA is more than just the tracker

Backcountry Access also offers a variety of other avalanche safety equipment along with their tracker. Next to probes, they also have shovels and one of their great products is the shaxe: a shovel that can also be used as an ice axe. Also, it includes hardware to make it a rescue sled when combined with your K2 ski (or any other skis with holes in tip and tail). Also, BCA produces additional gear such as a slope meter. Additionally, the BC Link, group communication radios that can be extremely good to have when skiing out in the backcountry.


BCA’s very own avalanche airbag system: The float

To complete your avalanche safety equipment, BCA introduced the Float. This is their very own airbag system, which is also used by K2 in their airbag backpacks. The airbag, in case of an avalanche, keeps you on top of the snow as good as possible. This, by the way, is called the Brazilian nut effect. Float backpacks come in different sizes with capacities of up to 42 liters. The airbags inflate when a handle on the backpack is pulled, causing a cartridge, filled with compressed air, to fill the airbag. What is great about this system, is that the cartridge can easily be refilled, so you do not have to send it back to BCA and certainly do not have to purchase a new one. Instead, every authorized BCA refill location will fill it for free. Also, this fact makes it easier to travel with this backpack compared to many other avalanche backpacks.

Knowledge is just as important as equipment to BCA

As they say themselves, knowledge is key when it comes to avalanche safety! If you are well trained, you will most likely be able to often avoid those spots, that are at danger. Furthermore, will you be way faster and more efficient when it comes to rescue situations. Therefore, BCA has put much emphasis into transferring this knowledge to all those, who are out in the snow. Having put up loads of transceiver checks all over the world, doing lots of trainings and courses with dealers, they certainly work hard on this end as well. To receive more knowledge on avalanche safety and find courses near you, read more in our blog!