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The Dynafit lifetime guarantee on skitouring boots, bindings and goggles

The most sustainable product is the one you have - Dynafit stands for speed, lightness and efficiency in the mountains. At the same time, it is essential for Dynafit that you can always rely on your equipment 100 percent and that the products are characterised by longevity and durability. They are convinced of what they do and they are proud of the high quality and long life of their products.

They underline this trust with a promise to you: They offer you their Lifetime Guarantee on their bindings and touring ski boots. However, the lifetime guarantee does not mean your personal lifetime, but the life cycle of your boot, your binding or even your goggles or their material, components and construction.

In the case of Dynafit touring ski boots and goggles it is 5 years and for bindings even 10 years. All Dynafit bindings are still made by hand in Germany and stand for the highest quality and safety. All Dynafit touring ski boots are handmade in Montebelluna, Italy, according to the highest quality standards. The Lifetime Guarantee is quickly obtained: Register your new product on the Dynafit website within one year of purchase.



Pure DYNAFIT DNA: At just 800 grams, a shell construction of carbon fiber, and an innovative closure system all make the DNA ski touring boot the first choice for racing athletes. This model has been pared back to the essentials and is the embodiment of speed and the highest performance with a maximum optimization of weight. The shell is made of a high-performance composite of Grilamid and carbon fiber while the cuff of pure carbon fiber guarantees the best possible rigidity. With the newly developed Race Look System, you can transition with one hand between ski and walk modes. The patent-pending hook closure system secures the cuff in seconds with a solid click into the desired position. Combined with the revolutionary Twistfit System for ideal heel fit and secure positioning of the forefoot, the DNA Boot boasts rigidity and downhill performance taken to a new level. The Twistfit-System is a closure system that allows the fit of the shoe to be adjusted quickly and precisely using a rotary wheel. With freedom of movement of +/- 60 degrees of cuff rotation front and back, top athletes save energy and move more efficiently on the climb. The DNA also comes with the minimalist Bikini Liner. This light liner at just 110 grams is thermo-moldable and therefore can be precisely customized. The primary components of the boot are connected by screws so you can also exchange individual parts as needed.

Sizes 23 – 30 Mondo

Weight 800 grams

Setup recommendation DNA Ski, Low Tech Race 105 Manu Binding


Uphill efficiency, downhill stability: The light Speed ski touring boot at just 1,050 grams has both impressive backcountry and on-piste performance as a convincing all-rounder. The name says it all: This boot is based on the proven DYNAFIT TLT Series with its intelligent features and performance. The Speed guarantees high performance and speed combined with durability, efficiency and sturdiness. Reduced to the minimum, this ski touring boot is an impressively easy-handling boot. With a last width of 99 mm and an athletic fit, it snugs the foot precisely, firmly and sturdily, and thus gives you the best control. The Ultra Lock 2.0 closure system allows you to adjust, open and close the Speed using just one buckle. The boot liner scores high with its great comfort plus low weight to ensure you don’t have a single gram too much on your feet. Combined with a cuff rotation of 60 degrees, a soft Pebax tongue gives more flex in the forward lean and guarantees ideal freedom of movement and support during fast, energetic ascents. In the body position on the descent, the Grilamid shell lends ideal rigidity and stability. It can also be simply and reliably secured at your choice of a forward lean of 15 or 18 degrees. The POMOCA outsole rubber blend ensures grip and traction when walking out of the binding. This ensures ski tourers are well equipped even on hardpack or in icy conditions. 

Sizes 25 – 30.5 Mondo (Men) I 23 – 27,5 Mondo (Women)

Weight 1050 grams (Men) I 950 g (Women)

Setup recommendation Blacklight Pro Ski, Superlite 150 Bindings (Men) Blacklight 88 W Ski, Blacklight Bindings (Women)


Either-or is so yesterday. The new Radical Pro ski touring boot integrates the revolutionary Hoji Lock System and combines the seemingly contradictory worlds of freedom of movement on the ascent and rigidity for the downhill – for ski touring without compromise. It is compatible with all pin, hybrid, and alpine bindings. In walk mode, the cuff and shell are separated from each other to be able to climb efficiently with a 60-degree cuff rotation for unrestricted, resistance-free mobility. Its low weight of 1,380 grams and flexible tongue construction made of two different high-tech synthetics ensure an energy-saving, natural walking movement even on steep terrain. The new thermo-moldable boot liner (optional) offers stability and comfort with a perfect fit right out of the box. With these on, you will be ready to tackle long tours with many meters of climbing dauntlessly. “One move to switch:” Once at the summit, the Radical Pro becomes a sturdy downhiller with top power transfer, thanks to the one-hand handling for the patented Hoji Lock System. In ski mode, the boot is set in a forward lean angle of 11 degrees. The ski-walk system’s mechanism is integrated into a cable system together with the buckles and the Ultra Lock Strap. Flip the lever and the system is tensioned. Cuff and shell combine to create a positively locked unit that transforms the revolutionary ski-walk system into one unit totally without play. A unique feature on the market for precision and efficient skiing of the highest level that was normally seen only in purebred Alpine ski boots. 

Sizes 25 – 31.5 Mondo (Men) I 22.5 – 27.5 Mondo (Women)

Weight 1,380 grams (Men) / 1,270 grams (Women)

Setup recommendation Radical 88 Ski (M/W), Radical Binding


Sturdy with a close fit for epic powder play: This Hoji Free ski touring boot features the patented Hoji Lock System that merges the cuff and shell on the inside of the boot into one completely interlocking unit without any play. The unique Grilamid material with fiberglass offers great rigidity at a progressive flex of 110. This guarantees perfect power transfer with the Hoji Free, enabling athletes to deliver their best downhill performance on skis. The ski-walk mechanism is connected by a technically clever cable system that combines the uppermost buckle and the Ultra Lock Strap. With just one hand motion and without the annoying mucking around, you can transition between uphill and downhill. In downhill mode, the Hoji Free locks out at a max forward lean of 11 degrees, offering you a comfortable, yet still athletic and controlled ski position – whether you are pressing, carving, or slashing. On the ascent, the V-shaped tongue and the cuff rotation of 55 degrees mean maximum freedom of movement, flexibility, and comfort. Yet another feature of the Hoji Free 110 is the optional thermo-moldable boot liner, which was developed in partnership with boot-fitting specialist Sidas. It is impressive with its lightness and comfort, and it positions and firmly cradles the foot with precision and security. To ensure Free tourers reach their perfect line, the Hoji Free comes with the POMOCA Free sole. It offers grip and an ideal walking stance out of the binding and is also particularly stable and long-lasting. In addition, the boot is compatible with fully automatic crampons to lend even more safety in exposed areas. This model is compatible with all pin, hybrid, and alpine bindings.

Sizes 23.5 – 31.5 Mondo

Weight 1,550 grams 

Setup recommendation Beast 108 Ski, ST Rotation 10 Binding

Overview of Dynafit bindings

Low Tech Race 105

For the race athletes Dynafit, the brand of athletes for athletes, has the Low Tech Race 105 in its program. It is extremely light at just 105 grams and highly reactive thanks to its optimized, minimalist design and wide bore pattern. The binding is available in two versions:

- Low Tech Race 105 Auto, as an ascent-oriented version with easier locking.
- Low Tech Race 105 Manu, with manual locking and therefore ISMF compliant.

The bindings have a fixed lateral and vertical release value. Over the years, Dynafit athletes have found this to be the optimal balance between safety and stability. Like all DYNAFIT bindings, the Low Tech Race is developed and manufactured in Germany.

Superlite 150

The novelty in winter 20/21 is the Superlite 150. It is the new reference size in the ski touring market with 150 grams, completely made of aluminum, and adjustable Z-values from DIN 4 to 13.

The Superlite 150 appeals to the ascent-oriented ski touring and alpine skier with versatile applications. It combines the needs of the race athlete with those of the all-around touring skier. The Superlite 150 is not only super-light but also extremely reactive in the downhill thanks to the wide bore pattern. An adjustment plate with a 20 mm range and a stopper are optionally available.

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The Radical was developed especially for the all-around touring skier who is looking for a user-friendly, robust binding with lots of comforts. The STEP-IN SIDE TOWERS make it easy to get into the binding so that no time is lost at the summit. At the same time, the lateral stability during the descent is increased.

Two climbing aids allow the binding to be quickly and easily adjusted to the slope inclination. Also, the adaptation to different sole lengths is made possible by length adjustability of 25 mm. The release values are fully adjustable laterally and vertically from DIN 4-10.

Why has the Radical binding proven itself over the years? Due to the easy entry, the high safety, the low weight, and the high-quality workmanship, every ski tour becomes an experience!


The ST Rotation binding was developed for downhill ski tourers looking for the perfect powerline. The ST Rotation is the only one of the DYNAFIT bindings to have TÜV certification and offers the best comfort and reliable safety.

During a dynamic and powerful descent, enormous forces or impacts act on the binding, which is compensated by the patented DYNAFIT rotation front jaws. This prevents unwanted early release and the skier can fully rely on his binding and its release function.

The bayonet form closure of the heel unit guarantees an extremely high power transmission from the binding to the ski, improving reactivity and downhill performance.

Another advantage of this binding is its user-friendly adjustment. The Step-In Side Towers guarantee a very easy start. In addition, the stoppers can be automatically locked in walking mode. Due to the adjustment range of 90 mm, the binding can be adapted to different sole lengths. Thanks to the 3 walking modes, the binding offers great walking comfort and can be adjusted to release values.