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Product details: Blizzard Hustle 10 23/24 Skis

The Blizzard Hustle 10 ski is the perfect mix of ski touring and freeride ski. The 102 millimetre centre width guarantees freeriders fullest fun in untouched powder.

The small-scale Trueblend Free wood core made of poplar, beech and paulownia brings balanced dynamics and a harmonious feel in the terrain. In addition, the well thought-out use of the wood types reduces the weight, making the Hustle 10 ascent-oriented.

The matt-gloss design with transparent sections that make the wood core and D.R.T. elements visible make the Blizzard Hustle 10 ski a real eye-catcher.


• Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall, Trueblend
Free, Carbon Dynamic Release Technology
• Rocker: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
• Core & Materials: Trueblend Free, Poplar, Beech, Paulownia
• Edge tuning bottom: 0.9
• Edge tuning side: 87.7°


Dimensions (Length/Waist/Radius/Weight):
156 cm: 131-102-123 mm / 13 m / 1480 g
164 cm: 132-102-122 mm / 14,5 m / 1630 g
172 cm: 132-102-122 mm / 16 m / 1730 g
180 cm: 133-102-123 mm / 17,5 m / 1800 g
188 cm: 135,5-104-122,5 mm / 19 m / 1900 g



Trueblend Free Woodcore

Perfect Balanced Flex
Blizzard have designed a specific Trueblend Free Woodcore for their freeride / back country category skis. It combines beech and poplar – two wood types that guarantee performance – with paulownia for a lightweight, yet high-performance wood core.
The result: the right flex to cover for all backcountry requirements in a lighter package.

Performance without Compromise
The Trueblend Free Woodcore specifically positions three different densities of wood together to form a woodcore that is specifically designed to optimize the flex of the ski and deliver a smooth and balanced feeling.
This blending of the different densities of wood creates three distinct flex zones; a softer flex zone in the tip and tail areas, that facilitates easy turn initiation and release, a medium flex zone in front of and behind the binding, that helps deliver confidence and control and finally a stiffer flex zone in the center, underneath the binding, that guarantees perfect edge grip and stability.
Trueblend woodcores are designed to provide just the right amount what you need, performance, control, and confidence, to do what you want, when you want anywhere on the mountain.


Carbon D.R.T.

D.R.T. stands for dinamic release technology.
It has proven itself to be the perfect dynamic energy release technology for the freeride/ back country category.
The strength and lightness of carbon fiber ensure:
• lightweight damping
• stability and control

D.R.T. blends carbon fiber with fiberglass to give you better support, more confidence and greater performance without compromising on the fun.

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Blizzard Hustle 10 23/24 Skis

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Product attributes:


102 mm


17.5 m


133-102-122.5 mm

Reference Length 180 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Binding System:Free Choice
Ski Category:TelemarkskisFreeride / Free Touring Skis
Ski Touring Category:Freetouring
Sustainability:Made In EU
Weight:1800 g/Stk.