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Gloves consist of up to 100 individual parts - all sewn by hand at Hestra. The Swedish company was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third and fourth generations of the Magnusson family.

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More Hestra Facts

Why is Hestra a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

As a family business, Martin Magnusson & Co knows all the individual steps and partners involved in the production process, such as leather suppliers and manufacturers. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Hestra is characterised above all by the following points:  

-  The company is committed to responsibility throughout the entire supply chain.

-  The company pursues environmentally friendly, resource-saving production and complies with animal welfare criteria

-  Hestra manufactures in its own factories in Hungary, China and Vietnam.    

A solid promise of quality

The home of the glove brand and eponym is the Swedish village of Hestra. Since 1936, high-quality gloves for a wide range of uses have been designed there and manufactured in the company's own factories in Hungary, China and Vietnam. Today, Hestra has a global presence and offers over 400 models for sports, fashion and professional purposes - some models are handmade by Europe's most experienced glove makers. The basis of gloves designed to provide warmth, protection and dexterity are the right materials, especially chrome-free tanned Ecocuir leather and wool. Both natural raw materials come from species-appropriate animal husbandry, and mulesing is explicitly avoided in the rearing of the sheep. Hestra controls the entire production chain. The factories are audited annually by the independent organisation amfori BSCI. Hestra is a member of the Swedish Chemical Group and does not use any chemicals that are particularly harmful to the environment.      


The family business Martin Magnusson & Co. was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third and fourth generation of Magnussons. Both design and development is done at the headquarters in the small village Hestra, Sweden.Our gloves are manufactured in our own factories and we personally buy all leather, fabric, wool and other materials. This gives us control of the production chain and ensures a high level of quality. Several of our models are handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Europe.

In 2019, we produced over 2 million pairs of gloves. The company has about 50 employees at its headquarters in Sweden. We also have a subsidiaries in United States, Norway and Germany as well as agents, distributors and retailers in over 30 countries. Hands comes first at Hestra. For 80 years, we have been developing gloves that provides warmth, protection and fingertip sensitivity in the most varied conditions. Today, our range comprises more than 400 styles. It may sound a lot, but people and hands are different. That's why different gloves are needed.

The basis for the perfect glove is the right material. Leather in particular is a natural product and 0.1 millimeter already makes a big difference. The quality of the raw leather must be measured and controlled by hand, each piece is unique. Therefore, Hestra maintains long-standing relationships with tanneries that meet the quality standards and also purchases all other textiles, wool and other materials personally. Depending on the application or characteristics of the glove, the most suitable leather is selected in terms of moisture resistance, texture, stiffness and durability. Experienced seamstresses then manufacture each glove by hand from up to 100 individual parts in three of our own factories. This ensures control over the entire production chain and a high level of quality.