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Product details: Marker Alpinist 10 Long Travel with Stopper Alpine Touring Bindings Black / Titanium

The ultra-light and resilient Marker Alpinist 10 Long Travel Pin binding with extra long adjustment travel (without pre-mounted brake). 

The ultra-light Alpinist 10 Long Travel pin binding with extended heel adjustment travel from -7.5 mm to +22.5 mm to adapt to different sole lengths. The Alpinist Long Travel also has active length compensation in ski flex and impressive power transmission in the downhill due to the 38 mm wide drilling pattern. The carbon reinforced and therefore very stiff toe is equipped with anti-icing pads and integrated elastomers for easy entry.

The heel offers ascent support with 0°, 5° and 9° angles and can be quickly and conveniently adjusted between ascent and descent modes. Unlike the Marker reference Alpinist 12, the Long travel version offers 30 instead of 15 millimetres of heel adjustment.


Technical specifications:
• Z-value (DIN value): 4.0-10.0
• Recommended rider weight: max. 110 kg
• Stand height without ski: 18 mm
• Toe piece: carbon reinfoced pin toe
• Heel Machine: Alpinist Heel
• Category: Touring Pin
• Weight: 275 g
• Brake width: optional (90 or 105 mm)
• Shoe type: Touring Boots
• Walking mode: 0°, 5°, 9°
• Heel adjustment range: 30 mm



Alpinist Heel
Adjustable lateral release with various DIN options and 15 mm heel adjustment range (± 7.5 mm); three walking modes thanks to the hot-forged aluminum climbing aid; "Fast Shift Mode" allows quick switching between neutral and maximum climbing aid; active length compensation in the heel allows constant power transmission and release performance even when the ski is flexed

Climbing Aids Alpinist
Neutral walking mode and two climbing aids with 5° and 9°; quick adjustment mode allows switching between 0° and 9° without having to turn the heel

Alpinist Brake/Long Travel Brake:
Otional stopper for Marker Alpinist; improved usability on both stoppers.

Crampon Kingpin/Alpinist:
Light to mount crampons for Kingpin and Alpinist available in 80 mm, 90 mm, 105 mm, 120 mm sizes.

Active Length Compensation:
Active length compensation at the heel, allowing the heel to move back up to 4 mm when the ski is flexed

Length Adjustment:
Alpinist heel offers 30 mm of heel adjustment travel (from -7.5 mm to +22.5 mm)

Carbon Reinforced Pin Toe & Anti Ice Pads:
Carbon fiber reinforced Fabrics for improved stiffness and ultra-light weight; anti-ice pads on the toe to prevent icing in critical areas

Marker Alpinist 10 Long Travel with Stopper Alpine Touring Bindings Black / Titanium

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Product attributes:

Ski Touring Category:AllroundUphill Performance Focus
Original Colour:Black / Titanium
Weight:275 Grams/pce.
DIN Setting:10