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Rome Snowboards

Are you looking for a snowboard brand which embodies the sport and its values one hundred percent? Welcome to Rome Snowboards!
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More about Rome SNB


Actually, the story of Rome SDS Snowboards begins in 1985. That year, the future founders of the cool snowboard brand, High School students Paul Maravetz and Josh Reid, discovered their passion for snowboarding. In the mid-80s, the sport was still at a very young stage and a far cry away from the hype of the Olympics and energy drink videos. From the get-go, the two snowboard enthusiasts centered their focus on the fun of their favorite sport. In the subsequent decade and a half, they engaged in their passion 24-7, obtained jobs with snowboard brands, learned the business side of snowboarding, and opted for the founding of a major snowboard brand in the state of Vermont.

Their entrepreneurial bell tolled just around the turn of the millennium. In the late 1990s, the sport of snowboarding more and more fell into the hands of people who only saw the dollar signs, without paying any attention at all to the typical snowboarders´ values. In 2000, the two quit their jobs and decided to build their own franchise, basing it on the exact criterion that had brought them into the world of snowboarding in the first place: fun! That way, within just a couple of months, a group of snowboard enthusiasts gave birth to Rome Snowboards in a small office in Stowe, VT. This is how the Snowboard Design Syndicate (SDS) came into being - a riding fixated, on innovations based movement in order to give snowboarders full control over their favorite sport.


Founded in 2001, Rome Snowboards may best be labeled anti-establishment. For example, the founders immediately decided to counteract mainstream snowboard´s greed of gain with innovative gear and follow the guidelines of delight and passion for the sport itself. Ever since Rome Snowboards´ founding, the company has been run by real snowboarders. The motto of the hip brand is the rather bold statement of “We make Snowboarding”. Due to the Syndicate´s synergies, including manufacturers, snowboarders, and designers, high-end products are continuously developed, shining with some impressive performance. Furthermore, the employees of Rome are strong supporters of the independence of their favorite sport, of shredding in untouched powder paradises, and the snowboard-characteristic libertine. The design and innovative power of all products are thus crucial components of Rome´s corporate identity.

The best thing is: Rome has some gear for every man, woman, and child. Also, Rome Snowboards crafts equipment for all imaginable disciplines. You can experience freestyle, freeride, and all mountain adventures with a diverse portfolio of rocker shapes and rocker-camber combinations. In the scope of freeride, there is the Powder-S construction, featuring a rocker in the front and a camber in the back for increased floating and an incomparable surf feeling. This feeling is even reinforced due to such elaborate technologies like QuickRip Sidecut and Skatecore Profiling. That way, even the most challenging descents turn into some smooth rides. The cores within Rome´s snow- and splitboards consist of 100 percent wood, thus equipping your board with the best possible flex and pop ratio. Rome uses various compositions of kinds of wood in every core in order to exactly adapt the ride characteristics to the respective profile. Alongside the snowboards there are, of course, also up-to-date bindings equipped with the latest technologies. An elaborate and formidable selection of accessories like gloves, caps, beanies, and backpacks make the product range come full circle.